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Guest [UnRegist
22:11:36 Fri
Oct 17 2003

Re: Drozd review

Quote: Guest (Unregistered) at 06:45:39 Tue Aug 19 2003

I don't think an larger co2 canister would work. The nomal bb co2's have a way hight psi, than a paint ball large tank. So even if you did hook one up. The bbs would only come out at about 150 fps. Because the air chamber built in the gun could charge the psi fast enough to keep up with the fire rate. (but I could be wrong) Now with Paul Pipper's design, in conjunction with the the paint ball co2 tanks, the psi flow operates on a totally different system, not unlike water blasting out a hose, once you turn it on. While the Drozd operates on a very quick ON of OFF pre-metered spurts of co2.

The only way a person can hook up a paint ball co2 tank to this gun with cheap mods without modifing the whole gun is to... Take a usedl bb co2 cartridge, buzz a hole in the side to accomendate a airhose attachment *the air hose attachment would have to be welded on** (you would also have to buzz a notch in the plastic flip cover in the drozd so the airhose attachment would slip thru. Now if you ever have the STRAPHER MACHINE GUN BY PIPPER INC. They have a rig (paintball tank with hose attachments that can plug and play right in to thier machine gun. The tank is held in place by a water bottle waist belt. The shop hose comes off the tank, and plug right into the side of the airhose attachment in the gun) Same thing with the DROZD.

I'm thinking about trying this idea. I'm new to BB Machine guns. You say that the CO2 won't work with the larger paintball canister but then say it may work later by I guess using the Strapher system?
How does the Strapher system work?
Sounds like you need something between the tank and the modified CO2 cartridge to boost the pressure since you say the pressure would be too low. I just don't see how it is possible to boost air pressure without an air compressor.
Thanks for the advice!!


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