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21:46:20 Mon
Mar 22 2004

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Re: drozd first impressions

I had an opportunity this past weekend to spend a lot of time in a large open space with my Drozd, a (2) 1500 rnd cartons of copperhead BBs, and a 25-pack of CO2 powerlets. I thought I would add my observations to this thread. My previous sessions with the Drozd had been previously limited to my garage. I built a 13" barrel extension according to searat's instructions. Temp was about 75-80 degrees F. My first target was about 50 yards away. I could not hit the target consistently. BB's dive and spin in all directions after about 20 yards. I think max effective range would be about 20 yards with this gun. New CO2 cartridges give a noticable kick. The last few 3-rnd bursts of a magazine (30 rnds) were somewhat weak, with the first BB out of the barrel going the farthest, and the last BB out falling shorter. The Drozd is a lot of fun to shoot at targets in water. Using a 3-shot burst, I did manage to down a small feathered critter that happened to land in the wrong place at the wrong time from about 15 yards away. Clean and instantaneous.
Actually, there must be something wrong with my barrel extension, or I made it too long. My Drozd actually seemed to shoot farther and straighter without the barrel extension. I'll definitely be going back to the drawing board on the barrel extension. I did start to play with with the gas adjuster, and verified what has already been posted here. All it seems to do is waste CO2 with a modest increase in velocity if turned up.
After playing with the Drozd, here would be my wish list, in addition to some of the obvious things already discussed:

1. More efficiency - I would be thrilled if more shots had the same power as the few bursts on a fresh CO2... I know, laws of physics and such. What about that tank adapter someone posted a picture of on this forum? The gas leaking out of the bottom of the magazine with each shot sure seems wasteful.
2. Pellets!!! -- Better ballistic coefficient and accuracy of the pellets would be nice, although more difficult to load.
3. Factory longer barrel. A longer barrel from the factory for better velocity would be nice.


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