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23:13:48 Wed
Mar 24 2004

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BBMG Colonel

Re: Magazine Spring Discussion????

Yeah, I understand what you mean. I did read an article somewhere where they tested a Colt 1911 Government that had been fully loaded for 50 years, and after firing those rounds off and another hundred more after that, it never jammed. Just in case, I still swap magazines in my carry gun about every other week…… But back to your point; I noticed with my gun that sometimes when the magazine is close to empty, a BB will roll off the barrel. I also noticed several times that when pulling the magazine out after being empty or almost empty, a BB drops to the ground from the empty magazine well. Sometimes this BB gets lodged behind the magazine release plate and when I try to insert a fresh magazine, it won’t go in (I have to pull the release plate back while shaking the gun for that single BB to come out). I still don’t understand how that BB ends up wedged in there, but I have a theory of why BB’s roll off the barrel/drop out of the magazine well:
When the spring is compressed the least, as it would be the case with the last BB’s in the magazine, there is less force pushing those last BB’s up toward the top of the chamber. There may be some residual Co2 from the previous shot that pushes the following BB out of the magazine right after the shot (all of this happens very quickly) and that second BB, since there is not that much force holding it, either falls off the front of the barrel (if you happen to be pointing it down) or stays between the the magazine and the barrel and then falls to the ground when the magazine is taken out. I do not know if this or something similar is what is happening, but I do know that this only happens when my magazine is close to empty, so there is one reason for me to rather have a “stronger” spring than a weaker one.

As far as the spring compression affecting velocity, I would say probably not, but I am going to test some lead BB’s I just received with the chronograph and I will also run some full magazine vs almost empty magazine test with the steel BB’s to see what happens. I will post the results.

There is something else that puzzles me about the BB feeding mechanism of these magazines, due to something I noticed last week while I was farting around with the thing in my garage. I have another theory but it is too far fetched and I don’t want to elaborate before I check the magazine internally to see if I am right or not………… More on this later.


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