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21:54:53 Fri
Nov 21 2003

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Re: Has anyone modified a Drozd?

hey do you have any pics?? and of how you connected up with the tank??

hey have any of you guys checked out this web site? he has some cool stuff including directions how to turn up the fire rate to 900 rpm!

check it out and yell back with your thoughts?? lol!

quote: narod? lol! ,<---off the above site!...Boosting the fire rate:
A construction of gun enables to boosts fire rate up to 900 RPM (15 shots per second) with all drozd parts still works normal. To boost fire rate needed to do some easy modifications with electronics. If you look at bottom side of PCB, you can see a 3 flat resistors connected to pins of fire rate control switch. Using soldering iron add in parallel a 50K resistor to resistor of middle switch pin (a switch position is 450 RPM). It will result a 900 RPM fire rate, when drozd switched to 450.

would it work??...........anyone want to try it?? lmao!:ohwell:
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11:27:24 Wed
Nov 19 2003

Re: Has anyone modified a Drozd?

On the Drozd there is a small black cap on the right side above the trigger. It is the solenoid duration adjuster. If you turn it fully clock wise it will dump more co2 allowing more power but less shots per canister. Pretty cool. You have to take the gun apart to knock it out of the hole as it is glued in place.

I have adjusted mine because I was able to make a connection to the mag with a paint ball tank. This thing really rocks now and will turn things to scrap really quick!!

16:00:44 Wed
Jul 30 2003

Has anyone modified a Drozd?

I was wondering if anyone has "altered" their Drozd for more power of full auto.Anyone have any info on other mods?


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