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I_Surrender_AllRe: Gold Server problems?
the functions that actualy SAVE what you are doing.

Example, you write a note in quick reply. When you hit reply your back on the main page

When I am in the Admin area...........I want make a change or look at the log...............when I hit the to do or to save button it does it too.

It is not any one particular move, but it is always when a function is performed.
It does not happen when you go from forum to forum, or thread to thread...........but only when you are pressing a button to peform a action.

I hope this helps. It a minor problem but I wanted to report it in case it may cause other problems.

Seperate issue:
Pam you know I really wished users were able to make a password of there own and log in differantly then they do. I have had so many register and not be able to log in ect....I have lost potential members. They don't want to go through the trouble of getting it straightened out.
We did try to get out board moved to V.2 and the board is to big and it was to complicated. I mean the board was there on our server but the conversion was not going well. We were trying to move because of the log in /registration issues........I just wished it was the same log in as the V.2. Instant registration creating your own password.
Just my thoughts. :smile:
PamsterRe: Gold Server problems?
Can you explain which functions are not working-and are bumping you out of the admin center? :smile:
I_Surrender_AllRe: Gold Server problems?
Hiya BBAdmin, yes I have the processing screen enabled:smile:
BbAdminRe: Gold Server problems?
Hi I_Surrender_All,

Have you enabled the Processing screens to at least Warnings & Informational? I will see if BbBoy can take a look at your board tomorrow when I see him. :smile:
I_Surrender_AllRe: Gold Server problems?
bumping my topic:smile:
AnniemRe: Gold Server problems?
thank you for your patience I_Surrender_All, there are some bugs that are being worked on ...

Quote: I_Surrender_All

Oh I was wondering and my Admin. Assitant said......................
Could it possible for the who's online to get distorted if a user has more then one window open , performing differant tasks on the board, in seperate windows??

as far as your question on distortion, yes, if there are more than one window open you can have problems...
radio buttons will get stuck, they may show through from another window that's underneath. ..the open window that's on top may drag.. etc.
I_Surrender_AllRe: Gold Server problems?
It seems the internel server error is gone, we are getting notifications to topics again........
But still getting bumped into the main board when performing tasks.
I do not get a error notice, just the front board.
It's bothersome, but I hit my back button and keep trying unti it takes.

So the other problems seem to be OK now:smile:

I know you are busy bbboy, I will wait my turn. :smile:

Oh I was wondering and my Admin. Assitant said......................
Could it possible for the who's online to get distorted if a user has more then one window open , performing differant tasks on the board, in seperate windows??
mommytoangelsRe: Gold Server problems?
I hope you find the cause of your problems soon, Susan! :smile:
I_Surrender_AllGold Server problems?

I am not sure if this is related to the frost problem at all.
I have had problems on the Gold server for several weeks now.

1) not every time but once in a while, when performing an action, posting andministering ect..........when I am done it will kick me right out to the main forum. The post or admin. action does not save.
( There is no specific action when this happens, its mostly actions that require the server to "save" the action.)
2) the whosonline feature gets distorted. It will be partialy blocked out in blue and the whosonline is all mixed together. ( This was a problem BEFORE I changed my template and theme) It was thought to of been a problem due to my template but that can not be the case.
3) We have just started getting a internal erver error
4) Members have stopped getting e-mail notifications on selected forums. But I found it can be fixed by unsuscribing then re-subscribing

I asked the members to report any further problems.

I try to backup the board but it won't complete:sad:

Board URL:

And I got this when posting in many forums.
Internal Server Error
The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.


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