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MicheleisMeRe: Another File Hosting Question
No I havent. I just can not believe for one second someone is accessing my account and can tell when Ive uploaded a file (sometimes its a minute after Ive uploaded, other time a few hours) to delete a bunch, in alphabetical order. Thats far fetched to me, but.........I will do this, cause I need someone to take a look at it. And I have a feeling no one is going to until I jump thru all these hoops. LOL
NickdiskRe: Another File Hosting Question
Have you changed your accounts password & enabled Admin Password on your board, just incase someone is accessing your account? :smile:
MicheleisMeRe: Another File Hosting Question
No, this is my personal computer,no one else uses it. It's very frustrating to be paying for X amount of hosting space and only have about 1/5th of it available. I've resorted to file hosting at Snapfish in the meantime.
Me and my other Asst. Admin will be running a test today of uploading a file. I will tell you how it went an post a log of it when we are done.
NickdiskRe: Another File Hosting Question
Hi MicheleisMe :smile:

Does anyone else have access to your computer? :smile: If so, are you positive that they're not playing about with your boards File Hosting screen while your not looking? :smile:

If they are, the best advice is to enable Admin Password on your board to stop changes being made without your permission, and to change your username's password :smile:
MicheleisMeRe: Another File Hosting Question
Ok I pmed Pamseter with this mess, cause it's making no sense. The log now shows that I deleted files each time I uploaded one. But it shows it at a time I wasnt even on the board! I uploaded a file. The 3 or 4 hours later in the matter of 2 seconds I deleted 20. And thats all I did. Huh? LOL
This is really getting to me. I have members who images were hosted and I need to get them back up. But I fear if I do, I will lose more stuff. Its says Im only using like 430 of space and I have 1600 or so left.
MicheleisMeRe: Another File Hosting Question
I will have a co-admin try to upload a file,but that will take awhile....we are in admist of a hurricane or two in Florida. But Im quiet sure that its not on our end. I do not have any cache program for my browser. Further more if that was the problem then Id be the only one not seeing the file, no one on the board can see it.
Im not clicking the delete button before I upload. I could see if I accidently click one or two as a scroll down, but these are going in alphabetical order for deletion. That would take a small miracle for me to do accidently over and over again for almost 2 months LOL I will go to the log and post it here for you to see. Ive now lost MOST if not all my smilies. When I load a file, everything is fine for anywhere to a minute or a few hours. But it never fails after I load it I lose more uploaded files. Its acting as if I dont have enough space and deleting files to make room. Which is odd since it says I have over half of my hosting space available.
NickdiskRe: Another File Hosting Question
Hi MicheleisMe :smile:

I've just spoke to BbBoy and he said that theres nothing that can possibly cause that on our end. Are you sure that your not accidentally clicking the delete button for the top file just before you upload a new file? :smile: Also, do you have one of those cache programs for your browser which pre-loads links? That would actually go and delete, as it's a link to the delete page..

Also, do your co-admins experience the same problem when they upload a file to your boards File Hosting? :smile:
MicheleisMeRe: Another File Hosting Question
Thank you......
I did find a URL (one that was deleted) like you suggested, typed it in and the page doesnt exsist. So its definetly being deleted out of my system.
NickdiskRe: Another File Hosting Question
I'll let BbBoy know that your having a problem with your boards file hosting screen :smile:
MicheleisMeRe: Another File Hosting Question
Im not the only one but I have searched the logs. Further more it happens as soon as I upload a new file, other ones disappear. And Im not seeing in the file me or anyone for that matter has deleted them.
I really need someone to look into this. Ive lost alot of pictures I only had hosted here. So once they were gone, they are gone. I have more files to upload to replace some the ones I lost but I cant upload anything, cause I will lose more.
I think my board has some serious bug issues, as this has been going on for awhile.
I highly appericate any help that you can give me. Thank you :smile:

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