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MicheleisMeRe: File Hosting still not working
It would be very helpful if its not on your side if you let me know what you did to determine that so I can have a jumping off point.
I've never been told how any of you came to the conclusion, what you checked etc. I really don't think thats alot to ask for. I'm not asking anyone to fix it, just tell me what was checked.
NickdiskRe: File Hosting still not working
I'm afraid theres not much we can do if the problems not on our side, we don't know how your computer or ISP works. Everything i've suggested was from BbBoy himself, and he knows how BbBoard works better than anyone.
MicheleisMeRe: File Hosting still not working
Actually he never said he checked my board. He said it was on my end with no explanation if or what he looked into to come to that conclusion. Other than I must be deleting them myself, which as you can see from the log is no humanly possible. No one has came to me and said, 'I've checked this and that on the board. etc.' No one. I get some really short, curt reponses but no real answers, just guesses. I read nothing in any of the responses that tell me someone has actually looked into the board and addressed the problems I'm having. Just that it's on my end and not your problem. Which to me speaks volumes to me of the lack of concern for your customers. And no one has yet told me how you came to the conclusion that it's on my end and not yours.
And really not to sound mean, but I could care less if it's JUST happening to me and not my Admins. Its still happening to ME. Alittle more customer support and I less defensive attitude would be extremely helpful.
But I can clearly see that I am on my own with addressing this problem. And that will figure in next time I have to add my credit. I came here for features and customer support from ******, now I'm getting neither. The time to answer problems on this board has gone down a considerable amount. And now with this problem I am unable to use the bestest draw, file hosting.
FroggyRe: File Hosting still not working
actually BbBoy himself did check it and posted in your thread before this one
He said
Quote: BbBoy

I'm afraid there's no other explanation than: Someone else has access to your account. Well, either that or you're accidentally deleting them yourself, which you've already discounted. I'm not sure what to suggest - there are no other options.

Nick and I are trying to suggest things on YOUR end that might clear up the problem because it isn't coming from our side. Your board is the only one with this problem, if your admins do not have this problem when they try to do it then it has to be on your end. If it were a bug on your board it wouldn't just pick you, the same thing would be happening to ALL admin. :smile:
MicheleisMeRe: File Hosting still not working
How can you be certain when no one has checked the board itself?????
NickdiskRe: File Hosting still not working
Hi MicheleisMe,

Sorry, i didnt mean switching to a different ISP, i meant, have you tried to upload a file using a computer which uses a totally different ISP than your new and old computers did? :smile: We're almost positive that it's not something on our end thats causing the problem, as the only thing that adds that message to the log is when you actually delete the file yourself, or settings on your computer or ISP do for you (like to make page loading times faster).
MicheleisMeRe: File Hosting still not working
Actually Froggy we've been going thru this for months. Nick usually gives me a suggestion, it doesnt work and it ends there. No one ever seems to pass on to BbBoy or pamster that this problem STILL exsists.
If your telling me I need to try another ISP, like Nick suggested, then Im assuming MY ISP isnt working with your board. If thats not the case then why suggest try another ISP?
Really you guys are suppose to be tech support. If you want to take the time to EXPLAIN the things your suggesting to me and WHY I need to try it then it would be more helpful. I can't read minds, so when Nick suggested I try another ISP Im assuming that he/she means mine is the problem.
FroggyRe: File Hosting still not working
Nick never said there is an ISP that is not compatible with BbBoards. Actually Nick is suggesting that you or another admin with a different ISP try to upload a picture so we can rule this out and move onto the next suggestion. We have not had a report of this problem before and are taking out possiblities that might be causing the problem. Thanks! :smile:
MicheleisMeRe: File Hosting still not working
So now if Im to understand you right there is some ISP's that is not compatiable with Best Boards, correct? If so then thats info that should be posted and available to us before we pay money to your company.
Seriously, are you suggesting that I change ISP's rather than have BbBoy or Pamster look at my board?
NickdiskRe: File Hosting still not working
Hi MicheleisMe,

Only a cacheing proxy of some sort would be able to load all of the deletion pages in the same second. Have you tried using a different ISP?

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