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NickdiskRe: my board deleted after I paid ???
Hi karaokeguy :smile:

Which method of payment did you use to add credit to Lady Moonshines Moonbeams? :smile:

If you used paypal, it is automated so the board will upgrade once the payment clears :smile:
karaokeguyRe: my board deleted after I paid ???
I just donated $15 to get Lady Moonshines Moonbeams back up and current and the board still says that donations needed because free boards are being deleted. How long does it take to get payment credited?
Andin_The_ElfRe: my board deleted after I paid ???
Thanks for the quick response. I just forwarded a copy of the payment confirmation email to you.

BbBoyRe: my board deleted after I paid ???
Hi Andin_The_Elf,

I'm afraid I can't find any details of your payment - could you possibly forward a copy of the receipt to and I'll get it sorted for you :smile:

SEFL_Commish, I've restored your board, thanks. :smile:
SEFL_CommishRe: my board deleted after I paid ???
Same exact thing has happen to my board. Last week I made a three month payment ($10.50 US) via PayPal and today my board was deleted.

Rick F.
Andin_The_Elfmy board deleted after I paid ???
I previously had a free board, but I made a $15 payment last night . I did a recurring payment option, because the information suggested it would be updated immediately.

Today my board is unavailable. I have an email confirmation of the payment from Please help ASAP!

thank you, Andin

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