Can't log in
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23:59:12 Sat
Mar 13 2004
Can't log in
Hi, I registered yesteday and received a password, etc. However, when I try to log in, I cannot access any of the board forums at the board where I want to read and post. When I try to view a members only forum, I get a screen telling me I must be logged in and registered to perform the requested action. But it appears that I already am logged in. Do I need to create a new account? I would hate to have to do that because the log in name I signed up with yesterday is one that people on the board I wish to register on know me by.

Please tell me what I should do.


00:48:07 Sun
Mar 14 2004
Re: Can't log in
Hi mockingbird39 :smile: Welcome to the BbSupport Forums :smile:

Please refer to this thread for current information on the issues the network is having and this thread if you or a member have registered when a board had Dynamic Registration enabled. You can tell because the registration page would display in the board's template instead of the Best Board's one you see on here on BbSupport. If you can leave the user name made and the email used in this thread BbBoy should be able to fix it once the network problems are resolved. You do not need to leave the password and you can whisper the email and user name so that we have a list of accounts that need fixing. Thank you for your understanding and patience while we work to resolve these problems. :smile:

Can't log in
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