Most Ever on Board "Setting"
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14:32:23 Thu
Jun 9 2005
Most Ever on Board "Setting"
I read a post dated around Sept. 02' about re-setting the most ever on board, and the reply was it can't be done. First, I'd like to ask if this has changed? If it hasn't then it kind of makes this option useless if it becomes incorrect.

Maybe, you could leave the most ever on board reading and have another one that says most ever since (date) re-set.

Thanks in advance,
Rick F.

03:13:17 Fri
Jun 10 2005
Re: Most Ever on Board "Setting"
Hi SEFL_Commish :smile:

I'm afraid there isn't a way to reset the Most Ever on Board feature in the Who's Online bar :smile:

Most Ever on Board "Setting"
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