Dedicated Servers
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14:52:56 Tue
Nov 26 2002
Dedicated Servers
We are now offering dedicated servers for boards. This will give you a whole server to yourself, with just your board(s) on it. You can host as many boards as you like on your server. You can either rent the server from us, or purchase it. These servers are aimed towards businesses, but if you just own a very large board, it is most welcome.

These are our rates:

Super Low Price Server

  • 1.7Ghz Pentium IV
  • 512MB RAM
  • 18GB SCSI 10K RPM HD
  • Boards daily backup
  • 15GB bandwidth/month**
  • Rental price: $99/month
  • or, Purchase* price: $1399 (inc setup)
  • Setup Fee: $99

Basic Server

  • 1.8Ghz Xeon
  • 1GB RAM
  • 18GB SCSI 10K RPM HD
  • Boards daily backup
  • 25GB bandwidth/month**
  • Rental price: $350/month
  • or, Purchase* price: $1999 (inc setup)
  • Setup Fee: $150

Standard Server

  • Dual 2Ghz Xeon
  • 2GB RAM
  • 36GB SCSI 10K RPM HD
  • Boards daily backup
  • 50GB bandwidth/month**
  • Rental price: $550/month
  • or, Purchase* price: $2999 (inc setup)
  • Setup Fee: $200

Premium Server

  • Dual 2.4Ghz Xeon
  • 4GB RAM
  • 36GB SCSI 15K RPM HD
  • 18GB SCSI 15K RPM Backup HD
  • Full server daily backup
  • 100GB bandwidth/month**
  • Rental price: $700/month
  • or, Purchase* price: $3999 (inc setup)
  • Setup Fee: $300

* Purchasing the server means that you will own the server hardware itself, but will be required to pay rack and bandwidth fees for us to host/maintain it for you. The rack fee is $50/month. This covers physical space, electricity, etc. See below for bandwidth fees. Please contact with any questions on purchasing/colocating servers with us.

** Bandwidth is included with rental servers, with no extra cost (unless you want to purchase more). If you wish to purchase the server instead of renting, please note that you will need to purchase the bandwidth per month, seperatly. Bandwidth for purchased servers is $3.50/GB, payable in 10GB blocks. So, for example for 10GB, it's $35/month.

Renting vs. Owning

  • If you rent the server from us, we are responsible for any maintanence, hardware replacement costs, maintanence costs, etc, except for labor costs for upgrading hardware for you. We may offer you free hardware upgrades at certain times, when your current hardware is no longer top of the line.
  • If you purchase the server outright, then you are responsible for paying for any of those costs. If you will require work done on your server (installing/removing/replacing hardware, etc), then there is a $60/hour labor fee.


More RAM, bandwidth, etc, can be purchased as an addition at a later date if you wish. Please note that servers can only host boards, and not web sites, scripts, etc.

We may be able to allocate an area for web hosting on your server at your request. Please note that servers are not generally designed for web hosting, just boards. Therefore, they do not come with web hosting managaement software, such as Cpanel or Plesk. We may be able to set these up for you for an additional fee (A Cpanel license is $50/month per server, a Plesk license goes by the number of accounts you wish to have).

Setup Fee

Please note that the setup fee only applies to rentals. This fee must be paid before the server is ordered by us.

For purchasing a server, as the cost is so large, we generally allow you to pay the full amount over a number of weeks/months. Therefore, we require the first payment before the server is ordered.

Setup Time

Please note that any servers (rental or purchased) may take upto 2 weeks to arrive and be set up. We will, of course, set the server up as soon as it arrives, but we unfortunatly can't help delays with the manufacturers. It should not take any longer than 2 weeks in a normal circumstance though.


Please note that we only use very high quality hardware. We have never had a major hardware problem with any of our servers, which shows that they are excellent quality. The prices above are for servers from the same manufacturer as we usually use for our own servers. We much prefer to use good hardware, and leave a server sitting there happily, than low quality and having to fix it every 5 minutes.

Custom Builds

If you would like to mix & match, and pick your hardware (CPU, hard drive, etc), then please e-mail with an outlign of the hardware you'll require. We'll get back to you with a quote.


You may, if you wish, sell boards on your server to other people. You will be given access to an Administration Panel to allow you to create boards on your server as you like. You will be given access to a username which has Administration access to all the boards on your server.

All of the servers would probably hold at least a few thousand "regular" boards, going by the average rate of use. The higher spec servers will of course hold more than the lower spec ones.

You will be able to use your own domain name as the default on your own server.
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00:24:23 Sat
Jan 18 2003
Re: Dedicated Servers
Just an update - we've had numerous requests from owners of boards who are feeling large enough for their own server, but they don't need something which can hold thousands of simultanious requests.

So, here it is. :smile: We've added a low-end server (compared to the others - the quality of the hardware is still the same) which is so inexpensive you can just miss your morning bagel every day and rent it instead.

Well, almost.

See the "Super Low Price Server" above. We would encourage any medium-large board to consider upgrading to a Dedicated Server - you won't have to share resources with everyone else on the server (meaning possibly faster page loads), and you don't have to worry so much about down time. :smile:

There are going to be more revelations in the Dedicated Server area shortly, so keep your eyes peeled!

Dedicated Servers
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