V2 - Downloadable Message Board Software
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13:18:45 Wed
Mar 26 2003
V2 - Downloadable Message Board Software
Coding for V2 is well under way. It will be downloadable message board software which you can host on your own servers.

It is aiming to be the best and most feature-rich software available, bar none. We are therefore very interested in what you, the users, want it to include.

If you have a suggestion for V2, please visit the URL below to submit it. Please note that we are only interested in major suggestions at the moment - things which will have a drastic effect/improvement.


We will listen to every single suggestion; the more the merrier. If your suggestion is a little crazy, then submit it anyway, crazy ideas are often the best.

A quick FAQ on V2:

I currently have a Fixed/Variable plan board hosted at BbBoy.net. Will I be forced to move to V2 when it comes out?

Absolutely not. We will still be running the Fixed/Variable plan boards here on our servers. V2 will be a completely seperate product, and a completely seperate web site.

So I can continue hosting my Fixed/Variable plan board here?

Yes. The Fixed/Variable plan boards hosted here with us will always be hosted here with us - running V1.x software as it is now. V2 will be a completely seperate product.

Will I be able to upgrade from my current board hosted at BbBoy.net to V2?

Yes. Although, as V2 will be hosted on your own servers, you will need web space to put it on first. It is likely that we will offer some convertor/importor to convert your current V1.x board to V2 if you wish to.

How much will V2 cost?

We have not yet set a final figure, but it will be the best message board software available on the market. Yes, even better than the current market leader. Way better.

With that in mind, it will not be "cheap". It will be aimed towards businesses and "power users". It will still be great value-for-money. There will be a one-time payment to purchase a license, and after that, you're free to use it for as long as you wish. We will also be giving a considerable discount for any of our current board owners who are wishing to change to V2.

Will I be able to host my V2 board with BbBoy.net?

On a shared server, no. We will, however, be offering dedicated servers which include a V2 license in the price.

Why are you creating a downloadable software product? You once said that you would never go down this route.

I did. I was wrong.

With the message board hosting which we currently provide, the aim was always to be the best available on the market - the most feature-packed hosting available. We achieved that fairly easily. It will be years before any of the competition even come anywhere close to the number and power of features we offer. We've been there, conquered, and are looking for something new.

V2 is it.

Will I be able to download V2 for free?

No. It will be a premium product aimed at businesses and power users.

Will I be able to run V2 on _____'s hosting service?

Most probably, yes. It will not require anything out of the ordinary from the hosting service. For some special features/add-ons, it may require root access to install them on some servers.

Will V1.x (the hosted message boards) still be getting feature upgrades and new releases?

Yes. Work will continue on both products - V1.x and V2, to bring upgrades and new features to both.

Will I be able to edit the source code, to customize/add features as I wish?


Can I see a preview/beta version?

Not yet. There's still a lot of work to be done. The BbHelpers will have first priority to beta test on a version when one is available. After that, there will probably be a short public beta testing period to fix any last bugs.

When will V2 be available?

It is hoped that it will be in beta testing in June 2003. This is of course subject to change drastically at a moment's notice.

I have a question not covered here.

Please post in our "Tech Support" forum, or e-mail support@bbboy.net.

Again, that URL is http://bb.bbboy.net/html/v2suggestions.shtml .
Thanks for your suggestions.

V2 - Downloadable Message Board Software
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