Announcing...bbBoard v2!
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13:58:24 Mon
Jan 19 2004
Announcing...bbBoard v2!
It's finally the release day for bbBoard v2!

bbBoard v2 is the new software from the creators of It has a completely new design, completely new features, and best of all: you can download and install it on your own web server, rather than relying on ours.

We have a special introductory discount of a huge 70 GBP (or equivalent in your local currency) available, meaning you can purchase a copy of bbBoard v2 for as little as 50, or rent a copy for just 4.99/month!

First class support will be offered, including e-mail (, Support Forums, Ticket System and LivePerson. You can also take advantage of a Free Trial to test out bbv2 yourself, and see how you like it.

Remember: bbBoard v2 is downloadable software, written in Perl. You will need your own web hosting to run it on.

For our existing BbBoard v1 customers, there will shortly be a "Convert to bbv2" button in your Admin Center. This will allow you to export all of your existing users, forums and posts and import them into your bbBoard v2 board. So now you have no excuse not to move to bbv2!

For more information, or to purchase or rent a copy of bbBoard v2, please visit . Order now for an instant download, meaning you can be setting up bbBoard v2 in a few minutes! There is a 30-day "no questions asked" refund policy, so you really have nothing to lose!

There is also an affiliate program if you want to make some extra cash from your web site. The rate is 20 GBP per license sold. For more information, please see:

bbBoard v2, from bbNetwork Ltd

Announcing...bbBoard v2!
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