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Important Announcement about Top Boards ( 22:56:29 WedFeb 18 2004 )

It has come to our attention that the Top Boards system has been abused by some people, making it harder for other admins and communities to move up the list as they should be. We are removing this feature because of its abuse and are rewriting it so that people will not be able to use numerous names to vote for a board. It will catch them and they will be reported directly to us-when it is verified that the names were used to abuse the system the member's name(s) will be locked without question.

We take this very seriously, because we created the Top Boards listing to help people find other unique communities. Not to create the rivalries, bad feelings and cheating that have been going on. This will also purge all the old boards that are in the list and no longer active, because admins will have to readd the Top Boards Voting link to their boards once the new system goes live. We hope that these changes will allow the Top Boards system to be used as it is intended and abusers will be easily tracked and dealt with.

Thank you all for your support of this feature. We think it is an asset to the network and do not want to see it discontinued permanently. We will post in this thread again to let you all know that the Top Boards feature has gone online again. It will be different because the thumbs down option will no longer be part of the feature and only votes for a board will raise it up the list. We have locked many names that had been abusing the current system and won't hesitate to do so if we find people trying to abuse the new system.


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