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Questions answered about the changes... ( 01:29:29 FriMar 5 2004 )


Date: 3/03/2004 08:49:16 -0700
Subject: testingfrost: Space/CPU Usage Notice All headers
Hello Pamster,

You are receiving this automated mailing because a board you are listed as an admin of ( has been detected as using higher than average disk space or CPU time.

We are, of course, not forcing you to close down the board or move it elsewhere. However, we would like to remind you about bbv2, our new message board software which you can host on your own server.

As you may know, our hosted message board service ( is no longer accepting new boards, and it is doubtful whether it will ever have any more significant software or hardware upgrades. You're therefore strongly encouraged to try out our new product, bbBoard v2, which is already much more powerful, feature-rich, and better designed than our hosted service, and will forever continue to be improved by the team of programmers and designers working on it.

- bbv2 is hosted on your own server - so you don't need to worry about the slowness of ours, or of the "High Demand" messages.

- bbv2 is a complete rewrite, meaning many much more powerful features, a completely new design, and much more server-friendly code.

- Your existing users, forums and posts can be very easily imported from your current board with us.

Purchase, rent, or try a Free Trial here:

As a board which is currently using an above average amount of space and/or CPU time, your board hosted on our servers will also receive the "High Demand" errors before other boards on the same server. This is to ensure that boards using a lot of CPU time do not intefere with all the other boards on the server. This is also one major reason why we're encouraging you to move to bbv2 - as you host it on your own server, you will never have to see a High Demand error again.

You can purchase or rent a copy of bbBoard v2 at: . We are currently offering huge introductory discounts - but they can't last for long!

In addition, we offer a 30 day fully featured Free Trial: .

Thank you for your time. and bbNetwork Ltd (

Now what does that all mean? In simple terms taking things one bit at a time, the first and biggest change is that we are no longer offering Free Trial boards here on Best Boards V1 Whenever you see V2 it is referring to the new software we've been working on.

This entire network is not closing down in any way shape of form. What is happening is that we are releasing bug fixes and other minor things in mini-releases, so that is why the version number on the bottom hasn't been changing.

We are still working on V1 issues and might add a few new things before the end of the year, but for now we are no longer allowing new communities to be added and whether or not we resume free trial board service here on the V1 network remains to be seen. But everyone's boards here are not in any danger of being forced off the network.


I was wondering, for people who own boards, like myself, who can't download it to their server, will you be keeping the current boards we have now? Or do we HAVE to switch?

We most definitely are keeping all current boards and that is not changing. No one has to switch to the new software, that won't happen because this email was just sent to board admins whose boards were noted for using a high percentage of server CPU resources or space on the server. The way V2 works is different from the bottom on up and it does not use the same amount of CPU power to execute admin/member actions.

The URL above is edited to show what should have shown, the testingfrost BID (board ID) should have been replaced with the BID of the board the admin name was associated with. That was a mistake, but if anyone wonders what board they are an admin of just post or PM me with the username that was in the email and I can look it up for you.


Well, I'm totally confused! We have 35 members and were sent an email for being over the bandwidth and I just went to xxxxxxxx's site and it says they have 1015 members and the admins' didn't get an email? Please clarify what constitutes over the bandwidth to me.

Like I explained above, it is really the CPU resources being over extended that flagged the boards that were contacted today. Bandwidth is a different but related thing. Think of it this way, your board-in its raw form is a lot of files, if you have a paid board and use the hosting then you can think of the bandwidth in this way: someone loads your main board page; they wait for their browser to contact our network to access the main board page.

The more forums you have (some here have over a hundred) the more CPU resources required to meet the demand of loading the main board page, memberlist, top posters-these things all take CPU resources, whereas the files themselves-the images and text on the board, those are actually transferred to the person's browser and stored in the temporary internet files folder.

Now even search engine spiders will count as a regular visitor because they are loading pages and just the main board page itself with a enabled newfader and countdown or snowflakes, can use much more CPU resources then the images that the person's browser uses for loading pages.

That is where things can make a difference-you can lower the number of threads shown on the threadlist-one who uses the max will obviously take longer to load and will use more CPU power then a forum with only 15-20 threads set in the Edit Board Settings screen to show in any given forum.

I am trying not to confuse anyone here by this, but there is a difference in CPU use and the bandwidth used to transfer files to people's computers. The bandwidth is the size of the files being transferred-that counts as bandwidth used. If someone has a email sent to them for an alert, be it to notify of a new reply/thread in a forum or something then it will count on the bandwidth in the VIew Bandwidth screen as Email Bandwidth used.

I hope this helps to put your fears to rest. We aren't going anywhere anytime soon, but the new software is something special and we are very proud of the details and special touches we were able to add to it so please do not feel you have to test it or move your board onto a V2 setup unless you and your community members want to. :smile:


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