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V1.2.8S released ( 09:52:34 SunMar 3 2002 )


> Reply Read

Replying to a thread now automatically marks the thread read, by popular request of everyone using the "take me back to forum after replying" option.

> Disable Individual BbCodes

Admins can now disable individual BbCodes in their admin center, instead of just the [img] tag. Changes affect signatures too, and are retroactive.

> Power Position Userlevels

You can now change the default "Administrator" or "Moderator" that appears under people in power's names, and not just by custom titles. Click on "Edit User Levels" in your admin center. Changes can include HTML.

> Soft Subforums

Subforums can now be shown "softly". Meaning that they are still shown in their parent forums, but also shown in small text underneath the forum's name on the main board page. If using soft mode, forums with new messages are in bold italics.

> Threads/Posts Per Page

Admins can now specify the number of threads per page in a forum, and the number of posts per page in a thread.

> Adopted Forum Improvements

Adopted forums can now be:

* Hidden from view from anyone except admins/mods and specified users.
* Re-ordered on the main board page, instead of being stuck to the bottom.
* Made subforums of other "real" forums.

> Hot Thread Image

Admins can now specify an image to use beside hot threads, instead of just having the replies text turn red. Click on "Images" in your admin center to make a board-wide change, or "Edit Forums" then "Edit Images" to make forum-specific changes.

> Optimize Board

Admins now have the ability to optimize their board to make sure it's running at it's fastest. To maintain a fast-running board, it's recommended that you do this at least once a month. Optimizing the board removes some temporary settings, flood control markers that expired several days ago, and other useless things just taking up resources every time your board is loaded.

> Minor Improvements & Bugs

* Optional alternate forum background CSS added
* Post count deletion bug fixed
* Subforum alignment problems fixed
* [counturl] preview bug fixed

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Re: V1.2.8S released ( 04:45:44 MonMar 4 2002 )

the new features are great :smile:


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