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Price Changes - Fixed Plan & Minimum Variable Plan ( 13:08:49 WedMay 18 2005 )

Hi there,

From the end of this month, the price for the Fixed Plan will be increasing from $2.50/month to $3.50/month.

Additionally, the minimum monthly Variable Plan fee will now be $3.50/month rather than $2.50/month. The cost per gigabyte for the Variable Plan has not changed - just the minimum amount. So if you're using the Variable plan and use more than $3.50 of credit per month, your costs haven't changed.

This price increase is unfortunate, but needed. The US dollar does not seem to be getting much stronger again for the visible future, nor the GBP getting weaker. As a British site, we've seen the actual amount of income in GBP drop dramatically as the US$ gets weaker. Sadly, we've found that we need to increase the US$ prices to keep affording the server and bandwidth costs for running this web site.

We have, of course, attempted to keep the rise as slight as possible - I hope an extra $1 per month isn't too hard on anyone's pockets! We'll be monitoring the income and expenditure of the site closely to see if this pricing works out fairly - it may be adjusted (either up or down) in the future, particually if the US$ gets stronger.

Thanks for your time!


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