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No registration email or getting Invalid Username error ( 03:58:45 SatNov 8 2003 )

It might be that your email provider filtered out our registration email as spam or that you had a typo in your email when you signed up. This happens sometimes and if you go to the Lost Password and try using that to get it re-emailed to you that might work. If it does not get your password sent to you within a reasonable amount of time send a email to Include your username and the email you signed up with. This will help us get your user account information to you quickly.

This means that the username you entered doesn't exist. Check that you're entering it correctly, and keep in mind that usernames and passwords are both case sensitive, so "username", "USERNAME", and "UsErNaMe" are all different. If you haven't registered, then you will need to to be able to log in. You can go here to register a username with us.

From time to time there can be glitches with the system and even after waiting for an hour you still get a 'Invalid Username' error and the link to your profile brings up a 404 error. If this happens and you are sure you've put the username in correctly please post or email
BbSupport with the desired username and do so from the email you signed up with. This way we can set your account up manually and get a new valid password sent out to you.


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