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High Demand Alerts ( 03:25:02 FriNov 7 2003 )

At present we have finished purging the bb server (that this board is on) and the azure server of dead free boards. We are planning on having the other servers, denim, emerald and frost, purged before the end of the year. This will help lower these High Demand Alerts, but until then there are a couple of things you can do as an admin and as a member of any board.

As a board admin you can check to see in the Edit Board Settings screen if you have the Number of Threads in Forumlist and the Number of Replies on a Page set to their maximums, lower them to 20 or so. This will make pages load faster for you and your members. If you have a lot of forums your board will oad slower regardless of the settings, so consider either combining some or making some into Subforums as this will speed up the loading of your main board page.

As a member if you get the High Demand Alert after trying to submit a reply or begining a new thread/poll, hit the back button immediately so you can recover the information you typed out. That will help prevent you from being frustrated at losing all that text typed out that is so hard to try to make over once lost. Also you can wait at least one full minute before trying to submit the post again. If you hit the submit button after immediately hitting the back button it will only add to the server load and add to the demand on the server.

We appreciate your patience and understanding about this and we hope that this information will help all our members to deal with the High Demand Alerts we all get from time to time. Keep in mind also that the search engine spiders will add to the load on the server as well as actions members are trying to perform at the same time. We all will get these Alerts from time to time and there isn't any need to post about it in the Tech Support or Bug Reports forums as this isn't something that is going away anytime soon, but we do anticipate it getting better as we purge dead boards from the network. :smile:

Thank you for your support! :smile:



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