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Image hosting information ( 03:02:06 SatNov 8 2003 )

Do you have a image host you have other images stored at? If not you might want to check out this thread here for advice on setting up images like from your ISP's webspace-most people don't even know that included in the monthly fee they pay for internet access is usually between 5-15 megs of webspace they can take advatage of to link images and things off of.

You can purchase image hosting service from us. We offer five plans for User File Hosting. We offer various plans, to give you a small amount of space for your signature images, avatars etc. We should have a plan which is affordable by anyone - they start at just $15 per year. You can cancel your file hosting account at any time by e-mailing .

Credit Card orders have Instant Access after making payment. Please note: The File Hosting feature available here is only for use on our network of boards. You will only be able to link to the images/files in your hosting from boards on our servers.

Current accepted file types: bmp bz2 css doc gif gz jpe jpeg jpg png rtf tar tgz txt zip

File extensions must all be in lowercase, for example JPG will not upload, even as an attachment but jpg will.

We do not authorize this service to be used for illegal or adult content.

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Using BbBoard's Image Hosting ( 04:59:33 MonMar 1 2004 )

If you decide to purchase space from BbBoards to host your image, you may be wondering how to use it once your account is set up.

What you do is access it is click your User CP button and then User File Hosting, just like you did to sign up. Only now you've got a panel that will look similar to this:

Look where it says [Create New Folder]. You have the ability to create different folders with different names so that you can easily organize your files. You might want one that says sigs, another that says avatars, etc...however you want to use that is up to you. You'll just click that link though and give your new folder a name to begin with. You can even create subfolders within each main one if you'd like but for now, just do one new folder to test.

Now to upload. Look down to where you see the first Browse button and click that. That will open a window that allows you to browse through your computer's folders to wherever you have your image stored on your own computer. Once you find the file, click on it and then Ok or Open and you'll see the file name now in the little text box there. You can repeat that and upload several files at a time. Just click the next browse button and do the same thing.

Once you are ready to upload, where you see Upload Into Folder, choose your folder in the dropdown list and the files will be transferred from your computer to the file hosting.

If you look in BbAdmin's example, you'll see the names of some files in her user hosting space like boardhosting1.gif. That's what you will see also, just with your filenames, once you've uploaded. You can delete those at any time, just by clicking the delete button beside the file name. If you want to view the image to make sure it's the file you wanted, just click the name of the image itself. It will show the image in another window. Just hit "Back" on your browser to go back to your panel.

To get the image url to use in posts, just click the Copy Url button beside the image name. It will copy the url to your Windows clipboard and you can then paste it wherever you need it.

One thing about filenames. Don't use filenames with funny characters in them or underscores like my_file.gif or capital letters as mentioned in the post above. Better to stick with lowercase common naming practices like myfile.gif instead to avoid any problems.


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