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Clair's BbTestimonial

I first started using BbBoards when a group I was a member of decided to move their board to Best Boards because of all the trouble they have been having on their previous server, including lack of back-ups and consistent hackings. This was almost a year ago, and since then I had my first taste of moderating a Best Board. During the summer of 2002 I then offered to help a friend when she set up her own board on Best Boards, Retroboard. This was the very first Best Boards I administrated, and I instantly loved the options that was offered. After a few weeks I set up my very own board, LUSI forums, and since I have joined another board, Nickelodeon-INC forums.

I believe that Best Boards truly is the best server you can get for message boards. The staff are amazing, they are so friendly, and whenever I need help, no matter how trivial the problem, they usually sort out your problem within a few minutes. I also love the fact that there are literally hundreds of different options you can do with Best Boards. It is amazing how customizable you can make your board. They are also constantly improving the service. At some times you get version releases within weeks of each other. They are always adding new features, and they always listen to us to see how to improve it. I have never seen service like this before on the internet in my life.

I will never go to another server to host my boards, and I will recommend Best Boards to anybody, because as the name suggests, they really are the best!

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