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Gen's BbTestimonial

After a very stressful and difficult year of hosting with another board service, I began searching the web looking for another place for our forum, The Cuckooznest, to call home.

We were paying our previous forum host and still the technical support was horrid. On one notable occasion, the servers went down and our board was offline for a couple of weeks. We could not even get an answer from support by email nor on their support forum as to what the problem was or when to expect the problems to be resolved. They eventually completely removed their support board.....presumably they didn't want to read anymore of those pesky questions.

With all this in mind, I had some very specific requisites for a new board host. First and foremost, the technical support had to be fast, responsive and friendly. I also wanted more customization options in the way the board looked and operated. I checked out at least 25 different free and paid board services and had just about given up on finding what I was looking for. Then I stumbled across BbBoards. I started reading the list of features and was astounded. Then I saw there was a Support Forum. I came in looking specifically to see how BbBoard's staff handled member problems. I was beyond impressed. Replies were personal, courteous, helpful and fast. Then I looked at the pricing plan and was completely sold. We moved our forum here in July 2002 and it just keeps getting better. We now pay less for our forum than we were previously and we have easily triple the options! Our forum members were a little overwhelmed at first with the new ways to "play", but they quickly caught on and they absolutely love the new features now.

There isn't enough room here for me to tell you just how great this board service really is or how highly I recommend it. In addition to the terrific forums, the support staff is awesome and not only that, but there are SO many genuinely friendly helpful people in the BbBoard Community. I NEVER left our own forum on the other service and there was no sense of community. Here it's entirely different....of course, my own forum is home, but now I've got fantastic neighbors and I truly enjoy board hopping and meeting the other board admins and their members.

If you're looking for a place to create a new forum....just stop searching. You've found THE Best Board service on the Net!

My board is called The Cuckooznest Message Forum

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