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Joey's BbTestimonial

I've been to all kinds of message board types since then but I have finally found a reliable and really decent host for my board. Best Boards is their name and it's my opinion that they are just that-the Best Boards on the net! I have my board there now and have to say they are AWESOME! They add new features all the time too.

Anytime I've had a problem with my board they've been there to fix it really quickly and they have some features that to begin telling you them all would take up three pages! If you want a really stable and reliable remotely hosted message board I really recommend you check out Best Boards first. If you have any questions you can ask the friendly staff and get an answer the same day-sometimes within minutes of posting the question.

There is someone there seven days a week and they are always up front with members about problems and bugs. Not to mention they listen to every suggestion for new features that any members make. I would not go anywhere else even if you paid me to. Best Boards is my community's new home and if you want more control over your community, you'll check out Best Boards. The name says it all!

BbAdministrator's note: Joey is a very valued contributing member of the BbBoard Global Community. Contributing to our ever growing emoticon library by helping customize and coordinate color coded emoticon sets and other graphics to add to the BbNetwork. His presence on the BbSupport board helping others is invaluable.

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