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Pandoras_Box1979's BbTestimonial

BbBoard is truly a life saver. After testing out many forums for a fan club site that I run, with each forum service that I've used I was never completely satisfied. They didn't have the features that BbBoard had. Not only did BbBoard have everything that I wanted and needed in a online community message board hosting service, they keep getting better and better with each new features release.

I truly love this service. The Co-Owners really look out for all of the members of their Global Network. One thing that makes BbBoard so much more better than all the other remotely hosted message board services, is that they keep human contact with each and every one of their members. Their tech support is top of the line. They are always there to help you. I believe BbBoard is just the best message board service on the internet. If you are looking for a forum service to host your forum community, trust me on this, BbBoard is the best choice for anyone needing a reliable message board host. For they are truly the best.

I have two BbBoards StuVince Heaven & Creative Writers World

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