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Renee Marst's BbTestimonial

Being an avid fan of role playing, I; like most other role players that are online, started off in the chat rooms that were set up specifically for RPG. I was introduced to a new level of RPG on the message boards and I've loved it ever since.

I've been posting on numerous boards for the past 5 years and created many myself during that time. I've met great people, as well as those that haven't been so great.

However, I've noticed a major decline in quality and customer service over the past few years; not just on the boards and servers but around the world as well. My old board host had started making a lot of changes; changes that I didn't particularly didn't care for. But, I didn't know that there were other remotely hosted message board hosts available for me to choose from.

When my old host starting charging more than most people these days could afford to pay, I started to ask around for other boards to check out. None of those offered what I wanted. So I ran my own search on Google and found BbBoard. I read through all of the information and I was deeply impressed.

That was when I registered this nick name and asked a few questions here in the BbSupport forums and viola! I'm here, hooked and aren't going anywhere!

I bought 2 boards of my own from BbBoard and have had such a good time here in these forums and in mine that I only wish I had known about it sooner.

BbBoard is very affordable, first of all. The impression that I have is that BbBoard cares more about the quality and its customer(s)/service than it does about money. That right there is what sold me in the beginning.

Second of all, BbBoard has far more options for customizing boards than anyone else and its so very easy to get a board of your own set up and looking really nice in 15 minutes or less. Only took me that long with both of my boards to get them looking how I wanted them to look.

But the most important part of BbBoard that I have found that I really like the best is this:

I haven't met anyone here that I don't like. Their customer service is outstanding!! Their BbHelpers are the best and I like that they recognize others for the things they do.

To the staff and creators of BbBoard I would like to say, you've done a truly remarkable job on creating such a terrific place to be. Thank you. Keep up the awesome work you do here and enjoy the many years of future success that will come to you and your company.

My board is called the Star Wars Forums

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