Filling Out Small Miners Waiver
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04:07:26 Thu
Aug 30 2012
Filling Out Small Miners Waiver
This is my first year filling out the small waiver and a few things are confusing. Hopefully someone on the forum can shed some light on the process.

It seems the first step is to fill out the maintenance fee waiver certification which is self explanatory and is due 9-1-12 or in this case 9-4-12. Does this also need to be filed with the county?

Second step looks like filling out the affidavit of assessment work. Does this not need to be filed until 12-31-12 or is it due 9-1-12 with the waiver? When filling out the proof of labor portion, can any improvements we ourselves do count towards the work? I worked my tail of improving access points or does it have to be a third party?

And what is the "Notice Of Intent To Hold" that is briefly mentioned twice in the packet.

Any info would help. Thanks in advance.

John T

17:07:12 Thu
Aug 30 2012
Re: Filling Out Small Miners Waiver
for AZ but informative:

17:57:31 Sun
Sep 2 2012
Re: Filling Out Small Miners Waiver

A notice of intent to hold is something you file the first year when you locate a claim, that year no assessment work is due.

If you bought an existing claim, then assessment work IS due the first year you own it.

You do not have to hire a third party to do your assessment work, you may do it yourself.

You have to file your waver with the BLM postmarked by Sept 4th this year because the first is a Saturday and the 3rd is a Federal holiday. You have to file your assessment work or a NOI with the BLM by Dec 30th.

What you have to file and when with the county depends on what county you are talking about as laws vary county by county and state by state.

Call the BLM office that covers the area your claim is located in and make sure the BLM does not require you to file something with the county besides the state and/or county requirements.


Filling Out Small Miners Waiver
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