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Salem, Oregon gold show ( 22:25:55 SunMar 31 2013 )

I stopped in to see the gold show in Salem yesterday morning. It was the first time in four years (I think) that the weather was good, so attendance was just moderate. I think most that could were out enjoying our first beautiful springtime day. I didn't see as many vendors or as much equipment as in the past either, but Salem isn't one of those cities where there is a ton of money to be made either. With the big expense of moving gear and supplies, support staff, and all the other things required to set up a booth, it is a wonder that any vendor can afford to show up. It was nice to look at all the stuff and to spend time with like-minded folks.

I am sure eager to see gold in my pan...

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Re: Salem, Oregon gold show ( 02:43:34 MonApr 1 2013 )

I heard from Gary Sturgill that they had 886 paid admissions on Friday. That's a lot more than I expected since most people were working. Saturday morning seemed like a lot more people through the door before the line was exhausted. I stood in the doorway placing wristbands on everybody both days. I left around 1:00pm so I didn't get a count for Saturday. I thought that there were more vendors this year than in the last 8-10 years. All in all a great show. I just wished I had a bunch of money to upgrade some of my gear.


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Re: Salem, Oregon gold show ( 16:23:41 MonApr 1 2013 )

Walking through all the venders booths (and the Mining District booths) gave the opportunity to see a lot of old ideas that were improved upon for gold recovery and to also see some new prototype equipment that looked quite promising. Prices on the mining gear and extras were competitive and fair, so you had to see it all to get the best deal. Although after seeing the food court portions and prices, a quick lunch trip outside the fairgrounds to eat, was a good decision. The prizes for all the raffles were great and worth the time to see who won the drawings. So, all-in-all, a great show.......:doublethumbsup:


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