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My son's fundraiser. ( 23:57:23 ThuApr 18 2013 )

Hi fellow miners and prospectors.

My 24 year old son, Frank, asked me to post a link to his fund raising page to give any of you who would like, a means to donated to his cause.

Frank has the past two years completed two Tough Mudder contests to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. These are 11 to 13 mile obstacle courses designed by British special forces which really test your endurance and mental toughness. My younger son David turned 18 this past fall and completed this years contest with Frank.

Frank is now participating in running ultra marathons to raise money for the Lymphoma and Leukemia Scociety. He will be running a 31 mile run in July along the Tahoe Rim Trail. High altitude stuff!

Frank and I both know very well the tough times we are all in, so please see this as a very low keyed and humble notice of his efforts.

Below is a link to his fund raising page. The picture at the bottom shows Frank at the Tahoe, Tough Mudder contest, the old guy next to him is me.

Thank you,

Joe's Cabin Rental

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