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K-14A is lost! ( 04:27:00 FriApr 26 2013 )

I'm sorry to say that all the excitement I expressed in the last newsletter about our acquiring a new claim on the Klamath (K-14A) was for nothing.

We have been notified by the person who sold us the claim that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has allowed West End Prospectors to recover from a mistake which BLM had listed as final in their files.

There is nothing we can do to reverse this. It was never our intention to take the property away from West End. BLM records confirmed the property was available. We assumed they dropped it.

The several members who were actively working the claim have been notified, and have joined up with West End so they can stay there. West End has a Membership Drive going for $145 in case anyone is interested.

Our signs are in the process of being removed, and we are taking the claim off our claims guides.

Sorry about this. Fortunately it doesn't happen very often.

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Re: K-14A is lost! ( 13:39:43 FriApr 26 2013 )


After reading this again I realized I was confused about which claim was lost. I am very sorry to hear the K-14A claim was lost.

For some stupid reason I was thinking of the new K-25A Middle Indepencence claim was the one you were speaking of. I am extremely happy that I was mistaken and that this claim is still available to us. I hope to see you there soon!
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Me &amp; Tank Klamath 200
Re: K-14A is lost! ( 00:49:03 SatApr 27 2013 )

Thanks for trying Dave.
Still LOTS of new areas to explore. I am disappointed also as I was really looking forward to working that claim...What baffles me is since when did the BLM ever cut anyone slack for making a mistake on ANY filing???


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Re: K-14A is lost! ( 06:41:10 SatApr 27 2013 )


Let me start with this. As being someone who was personally involved with the new owners acquiring this claim for 49er club use,the only intent was to acquire a valid claim. There was a lot of time effort and energy spent by the new owners to properly acquire what appeared to be open ground available to claim. All legal requirements including discovery, research and filing all required paperwork and claim postings were done.

To answer the question about BLM "cutting slack", it is legal precedence that a minor error does not invalidate an actual discovery of a mineral deposit. BLM does work with claim owners who make mistakes with BLM filing regulations, contrary to what some people may believe.

Apparently, because of the increase in BLM maintenance fees to $140.00 for every 20 acres or portion thereof last year, they are months behind from the "normal" amount of time they (BLM) are behind in dealing with processing claims that have been dropped, way more so than is normal.

The BLM records for West End's claim showed non compliance with BLM filing requirements before Sept last year, and BLM's public records normally show when BLM is working with a claimant to resolve filing issues, and lists those issues. The records for this claim did not show that.

So in a nut shell, BLM finally caught up with dealing with this issue and West End was able to resolve BLM's issues with the Sept 4 2012 filing requirements, three weeks after the claim was made available to 49ers members last month. I can only say that I am very glad to see that this is a case where the BLM worked favorably with the original owners, and we can all only say that is a very good thing.

This is a beautiful mining property with well known mineral deposits that the available BLM public records were not accurate. Mistakes happen. The people at BLM try their hardest to keep those records as accurate as is possible, so please don't make this post a BLM slam.

Remember the people who operate the public information room and the people who adjudicate filing issues are not part of the onsite claim enforcement people. Their job is to keep public records and claim issues dealt with as up to date and as accurately current as their staff can manage. Tough job.

As Dave said, win some, lose some, and if you are really interested in prospecting on this claim, consider joining the West End Prospectors club.

The New 49er's club has worked hard to open great new areas to members this year, and will continue to work hard to find more in the future.

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Re: K-14A is lost! ( 13:57:46 SatApr 27 2013 )

If this is the worst thing that happens to all of us this year we are doing m ore than OK! Thanks for the try guys. For those that have never had to deal with filing a claim or all of the paperwork that goes into it and maintaining the claim it can be daunting for all involved. Just one of the many reason for being a New 49er member is the "hassle free mining" and that would include the paperwork side of it.

Having dealt with the folks in Sac at the BLM many times I can only offer praise and thanks for their hard work and dedication.

It was also a nice touch to provide a link to the West End miners so the those folks that want to continue to mine there can. Perhaps we can extend an invitation to those that are only West End miners to attend the pot lucks?


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Re: K-14A is lost! ( 14:58:31 SatApr 27 2013 )

All's well that ends well. :doublethumbsup:

A couple lessons from this caught my notice.

1. BLM says we're the gov and we're here to help. Raise the fees and drop the service?

2. West End woke-up to the fact either you run with the big dogs or stay on the porch.

3. A positive reaction from New 49ers saves the claim. New members for WE and a nice claim to enjoy. Everybody is happy.

This folks is "Miners helping Miners".


One request of West End. :shrug:

I can make payments towards the $145 ifn you'll allow me to pay in gold. You know, gold from K-14A that's laying around everywhere. It's like this....a pair of pennywaites in placer gold from your claim in exchange for your permission to prospect.

Re: K-14A is lost! ( 20:43:50 WedMay 1 2013 )

I'm sure K-14A is an awesome claim but rather than mourn its loss, let's turn our attention to the miles and miles of claims that ARE available. Now that we can suction mine, the waters, which haven't been touched in several years, will turn up some very nice finds and there is certainly plenty of mining on both sides of the river to keep any miner busy for years.

Regardless, it's going to be the best season yet.


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