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Bad news ( 17:29:20 WedJul 17 2013 )

While I have not seen a written Order on this yet, my understanding is that the Judge in San Bernardino yesterday morning made a decision to consolidate the new case in Siskiyou County. By "consolidate," I mean pull the case completely out of Siskiyou County and add it to the other mining cases already under his jurisdiction.

As long as this is all true, this means there will not be a hearing on July 30 in Siskiyou County for a more permanent injunction to prevent the California Department of Fish & Wildlife (DFW) from enforcing "Emergency Regulations" concerning our new method of underwater suction mining.

Since we already have an Order from the Siskiyou County Superior Court which allows us to operate our GTS's until 30 July, my best guess is that there would need to be some kind of new Order that cancels that, and it would seem reasonable that DFW wardens would need to go around and inform prospectors who are relying upon the original court Order.

I will post it here if any new official Order from San Bernardino (or elsewhere) comes into my hands.

I am also being told that the judge in San Bernardino has rescheduled all further motion hearings concerning suction mining and dredging to August 27. This would mean that the earlier hearing date for next week has been pushed back. You guys might want to spread the word around to anyone who was planning on attending.

I know this is disappointing news. Since we must do our best to win arguments in the San Bernardino court, I make a sincere request that we refrain from derogatory or inflammatory comments on this forum.

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Re: Bad news ( 02:08:45 FriJul 19 2013 )

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Re: Bad news ( 02:54:30 FriJul 19 2013 )

Tomax - I believe that article is just a repeat of some FUD originally authored by the Center for Biological Diversity.

It is not above these folks to lie in public. They've been doing it for years now.

As Dave Mac wrote, the SBD judge did "consolidate" the case, though, and as a result elected to postpone the hearing originally scheduled for 7/23, but that is all.

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Re: Bad news ( 14:18:05 FriJul 19 2013 )

Bad news one day becomes good news the next, sometimes.

We're still under the care of Judge Dixon. :doublethumbsup:

Until a judge changes Dixon's TRO we'll be fine.


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