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Gravity Dredging ( 23:43:16 SatDec 28 2013 )

I just wanted to find out if this info is true, as I haven't seen this in my email or on here?

A link to this from another site was posted on another forum, if this is not true it leads to rumors and people act on it and find themselves in trouble and/or causes more trouble for the prospecting community, any clarification would be appreciated...

"Update Of Dredging Law ... e-mail from The New49rs Office:

Hi Jim and Vera,

Dave Mack forwarded a copy of your email where you inquired about 'Gravity Dredging in the Happy Camp, CA Area'. Dave is absolutely correct in his response that gravity suction mining is okay.

On September 16th, 2013, I met with a Captain and a Lieutenant who are law enforcement members of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife who are responsible for the management and supervision of the wardens in our area. During our meeting I had an opportunity to inquire about the use of a 'gravity dredge' and they informed me that the use of a gravity dredge was still allowed because it is not motorized.

I hope this answers your concerns, and if you have any other questions please feel free to contact me at anytime.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Rich Krimm
Director of Internal Affairs
The New 49'ers
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Re: Gravity Dredging ( 17:29:09 SunDec 29 2013 )


I'm not a CDFW, Rich nor Dave. My opinion is this....

"SUCTION" vacuum was outlawed by CDFW and supported by Judge Ochoa in San Bernardino. I don't think there was a distinction made concerning motorized nor natural.

Previously I jumped allover their comedy whereby CDFW was restricting the single largest element in our universe "vacuum".

As is business as usual in CA, the CDFW doesn't know right from wrong, their Judge agrees and we dredgers laugh at them.

Personally, I go get the gold and dare somebody to prove me wrong. But, that's a bit radical for some folks.

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Re: Gravity Dredging ( 23:19:47 SunDec 29 2013 )

Maybe socalgold will jump in on this as his son is gravity dredging as we speak (write). To the best of my knowledge he has been given the Okey Dokey by the powers that be.

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Re: Gravity Dredging ( 16:59:54 WedJan 1 2014 )

OK Terry, will do.
Norcalgold was suction dredging along side hwy 49 all summer long on the week ends and my grandson and his buddy used it during the week. F&G watched but never questioned them. The only problem that they had was some irate fisherman cut their hose into several sections. The hose was too close to the shore, had it been out in the river further, then he probably wouldn't have walked out to it. After they spliced it back together, it was not bothered again. Of course, it was in deeper water. Recovery was a lot alower than with power, but then again, it was gravity syphon at work. Most of where they had worked had been dredged back in time somewhere so the gold was mostly what was lost in the other guys sluice with too big a head of water or improper sluice setup. Next year, they will attack the gravel bar as it hadn't been worked yet.

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Re: Gravity Dredging ( 20:31:09 WedJan 1 2014 )

Thanks for the replies, that's good to hear Lee thanks for posting!


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