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Blow Mining Season? ( 04:35:38 WedApr 2 2014 )

So what is the club position on exactly when can we float our pumps/compressors and do this blow mining technique?

IMO if this is not 'suction dredging', which it is not by DFG definition, then there are no regulations about when this technique can or cannot be used. Leaving the whole year open.

Iam planning a trip to HC this month, and would hate to make a 600 mi trip only to find out we are enforcing dredging seasons under the new regs on blow mining?

It's a long drive pardner. So somebody please give me some good news. :doublethumbsup:

(Just trying to abide by all club rules)
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Re: Blow Mining Season? ( 04:56:39 WedApr 2 2014 )

Here is the good news: There are no seasons for cleaning out bedrock crevices either above or below the water.

I suggest we begin with smaller blowing devices so the authorities can adjust to the idea. It will all be new to them. You should be prepared to show what the device is and how it works.

But I would avoid much more of an explanation other than "I am removing small samples for the purpose of analysis. You are welcome to watch when I resume, maybe tomorrow or next week." Removing small samples is specifically exempted from the requirement of providing any notice to the federal authorities.

I personally am aware of no regulations at the State level that prevent you from using a small stream of water (blowing) to help you expose the gold in bedrock cracks, either above or below the active waterway. If you keep it to a small scale, it is unlikely you will exceed water quality or streambed alteration limits. Remember that you cannot wash muddy water off the stream bank into the active waterway.

We now have 3 Internal Affairs guys on the river, with Rich Krimm running things. If you have any difficulties, please just go in the office and you can expect to get plenty of help.

61 posts

Re: Blow Mining Season? ( 05:15:10 WedApr 2 2014 )

That sure is good news Dave. Thanks for your timely reply. I hope to begin my visit to HC next week and will stop by the office to inform them of my plans.

I most certainly will be prepared to explain my equipment and can use the sampling line if it will help.

My equipment uses a common water hose for blasting, so won't be much mud created. Thinking the plume will stay on the bottom too.


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