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EIR options ( 15:49:34 MonJul 13 2009 )

In a former management role I was part of a team for a large port development on the East Coast. Included was massive dredge spoils requiring a large number of permits from the Army Corps, settlements with environmental groups (including several purpose-built groups to halt our construction). Pro-active engagement with these groups, pacifying each and every one of their claims was the only reason we succeeded with the development. We also funded all the permits and EIRs that were required.

Could the New 49'ers fund the requisite EIR to ensure we are allowed to suction dredge next season? It could possibly be a more productive use of funds than a prolonged lobby effort and I would happily contribute to the cause if that is an option.

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Re: EIR options ( 19:41:59 MonJul 13 2009 )

I like the idea , but it occurs to me , that there are already some studies out there , that are being ignored .
And is long as we are on the subject , it seems that there is not enough mention / links & talk about those as I would think , but then again , I do miss things & forget , but still , it would seem to me that , like on this site , & others , the studies should be much more common , so as to make it easier to disseminate good info to both the pro & con .
Like you say inform the uninformed [ fear of the unknown ] .
Take away there motivation [ the idea that we are doing wrong ] .

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Re: EIR options ( 20:03:02 MonJul 13 2009 )

Part of the problem with this recommended line of action is that the current regulations under which suction dredge mining has been regulated and permitted for the last decade or so, stem from a prior EIR whose results have been totally ignored by our opposition to bring us to the impasse at which we are now caught.

It is not so much a matter of satisfying their concerns, it is more a matter of "they are out to do us in, regardless"!

Our only hope in the long run is to bury their trumped up concerns under an honest avalanche of true science, and to expose the lies of the dishonest scientists who are only working on an agenda, with no regard for any truth!!!

Sadly, I cannot claim to know any way in which we can assure that only true and honest science ends up in the eventual reports that will control our future.

I will agree that trying to prevail in court and politics is doomed to only favoring the deep pockets of our adversaries!

I only wish I knew of an easy, or at least real, answer to solve our dilemmas.

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Re: EIR options ( 02:03:54 TueJul 14 2009 )

The problem is not funding. $1.5 million has already been set aside for the EIR program by the State of California.


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