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Fish groups n tribes urge Gov to sign 1032 ( 16:39:49 SatOct 6 2007 )

yesterdays news:

a little lopsided reporting there; but they'r gettin their words in print ---

One news return - wolk's opinion

Don't these lobbiests know any news people?

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Re: Fish groups n tribes urge Gov to sign 1032 ( 18:29:10 SatOct 6 2007 )

Why isn't the GPAA and LMDA top people talking to the gov.? Just giving money to lobbiest and expecting them to do the work for them isn't doing it.
I would think that if the head of GPAA, LMDA, Keene and the other people that want us to but there products would step up and start talking to the gov as bussiness people as the Gov.
wants to keep the economy up and this bill is counter productive to that.
Dave McCraken has been doing alot of the work while the big shots sit around and watch. We as small miners are the ones doing the work for them. Isn't it time for them to come to bat for us.
This is just my opion.
Just practicing one of the few rights still left to us,
freedom of speech.

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Re: Fish groups n tribes urge Gov to sign 1032 ( 21:03:20 SatOct 6 2007 )

Do you know this for a FACT, or because they are not in the limelight?

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Re: Fish groups n tribes urge Gov to sign 1032 ( 17:39:46 SunOct 7 2007 )

I don't know this for a fact but one would think ( could be this is what I get for thinkin ) that if they were involved
poloticaly you would hear about it.
And if they are and not in the limelight it and are trying to apply poloctial pressure it would be nice to let the members know that they are doing all they can to help. If we lose this fight it will be just a short time before the whole west coast
will follow suit including Alaska.
Would like to know if others share the same opion.

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Re: Fish groups n tribes urge Gov to sign 1032 ( 18:57:25 TueOct 9 2007 )

I do know this for a fact, Keene, Cal mining Journal and other equipment manufacturers are involved in this. I have not been able to determine if GPAA or LDMA has had any involvement, as they do not reply to inquiries about such things. Most industry related companies are involved, so don't be so quick to slam them just because they do not post on this forum. AB1032 is directed at Dave Mac and the New 49ers because we make such a public showing of our politics, and this is one reason why others in this industry are "gun shy" when it comes to public display of their support. Remember, no matter how you slice it, this bill is the result of a few Karuks, not the entire tribe, and their desire to remove Mac from this area.

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Re: Fish groups n tribes urge Gov to sign 1032 ( 21:32:03 TueOct 9 2007 )

Wow, when you think about this issue as Uncle Mark puts it, it is merely a microcosm of what is happening in our country today - Have you noticed there are no true strong-willed leaders out there campaigning for office? And have you noticed you are only being told what you want to hear to garner your vote? Not one person running for office will make a committed statement - now why is that? this day and age when one makes a statement that he/she is committed to this or that, it is bound to upset others that have the opposite view (due to the dramatic polarization of this country)....thus those individuals turn into a pack of wolves on a feeding frenzy by trash-talking/attacking the indiviudal(s), regardless if what they say is true or not.........So the strong leaders stay silent to avoid the repercussions and having to deter from their good work to address these nonsensical allegations........

Dave is a perfect example of this....He appears to have upset some individuals by being committed to what he believes in and is willing to fight for what he believes in.....and now is suffering the consequences for being a strong-willed leader......

Just a thought when I read Uncle Mark's post...........

Hey maybe we could convince Dave to run for President :smile:

Dave and everyone who is involved in this issue, thank you very much for all of your time and effort.


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