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1 man winching ( 01:17:50 FriNov 16 2007 )

I usually dredge in the creeks around Happy Camp with my wife for a couple weeks during the summer. I was hoping to get some advice on what winch works best and can be ran by myself with help from the wife to roll some boulders. Probably not a gas one as we usually have to hike in.
Thanks, ezdave

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Re: 1 man winching ( 03:08:57 FriNov 16 2007 )

Hello Dave,
I have used a griphoist in the past and they are effective. There is a lot of information on line about their use. Ebay has them on a regular basis. Just search Griphoist. Good luck, Jeff
Nice gold!!!

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Re: 1 man winching ( 03:29:46 FriNov 16 2007 )

If you are interested in keeping the cost down then the Grip Hoist is the best of the the manual operated units. The next step is the portable chain saw winches. The are light weight and about the easiest power unit to move. However because of their light weight they have very limited single line power and require several additional blocks and cable to move the large rocks bringing your total weight up substantially. Next step up are the portable power pack winches. I use the term (portable) loosely in this instance. Once you step up to these big boys it would be nice to have 2-3 strong men to move them if you are trying to get them into tough spots. Even the light weight units weigh close to 200 and will require another 100+ of support equipment.


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