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Legal fund is nearly caught up! ( 01:45:41 TueJan 29 2008 )

Hello everyone,

As of the close of business today, our legal fund is only $1,444.19 in the hole. That is a long way from the $17,748.02 behind that I reported at the end of October!

For everyone out there who was able to pitch in some help, I want to thank you very much!

In case you are interested, from 1 October through today (28 January), our legal fund has received $19,510.82 through 366 separate contributions. Of those, we received 22 contributions in excess of $100, and we received 2 contributions that were $1,000 or more.

There have been some legal costs since we started pushing to catch things up. Litigation with the Karuk Tribe is heating up again because California Fish & Game does not have funding to update our suction dredge regulations. I will update you on this in the February newsletter. As of the first week in January, we have also retained our lobbyists in Sacramento. It's good that we did!

Since we will wait until this next weekend before finishing the February newsletter, I am still hoping that we will pull in enough contributions between now and February to put our legal fund back into the black! Then I could wrap up that whole exercise with a short summary, and give credit to the other organizations and companies within our industry who have helped us. I'd sure like to see us all give ourselves a good pat on the back, so we can move on!

There still remain 4 days before our existing drawing deadline will end. Jim Yerby has pulled together some fantastic prizes for the drawing! Here is the link to that information:

While we are not selling raffle tickets, we have been authorized by the prize donors to submit a drawing ticket for each $10 in contributions that we receive from those of you who support our effort ($100 would create 10 tickets, etc.). Our girls in the office will continue to print your tickets as we receive contributions through the end of the day on this Thursday, 31 January, 2008. The prize drawing will take place here at the office first thing on the morning of 1 February. Tickets are submitted to the drawing for every donation. Iíll announce the winners in the upcoming newsletter.

Because time is running short, if you would like to get in on this drawing, I encourage you to either call in to Montine at (530) 493-2062 or click on the ďMake a DonationĒ link towards the top of this page.

It will be very nice to put all that old business behind us, so we can move ahead in this wonderful new world of $930 gold prices! Do you know, thatís over $45 a pennyweight? Thatís enough for me to start thinking about putting a hot water heater on my dredge! Well, maybe next week; itís been snowing in Happy Camp todayÖ

Once again, thanks so much for helping to bail us out of those past legal costs!!

Dave Mack

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Re: Legal fund is nearly caught up! ( 05:22:30 TueJan 29 2008 )

got some extra money in today. so the balance is now 1394.19.


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