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Insurance ( 17:47:07 WedFeb 20 2008 )

Hello all you crazy prospectors, this is Jon from WI. I'm anxiously getting ready to come out to Happy Camp in June with two friends and two dredges. I have nearly all my plans set and all my gear purchased but I have one remaining concern: Insurance. My current insurance company says my home owner's insurance will not cover a dredge. My auto insurance does cover the dredge during transport, but neither insurance company will insure the dredge when it is on the water, from things such as theft, fire, or vandalism. Such things do happen and dredges aren't cheap.

Do any of you know of an affordable insurance plan that would cover a dredge? I was told to look up inland marine equipment, but came up short there too. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks a bunch and I look forward to sharing the waters with you all come June.

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Re: Insurance ( 19:13:33 WedFeb 20 2008 )

Your current insurance provider should be able to explain what your need and tell you how to get covered. The inland marine coverage worked for me when I was with State Farm. It was just a rider that they added and it covered my quad and dredges in 2000.


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