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The ghost of futures past ( 18:25:39 ThuDec 1 2011 )

The following article perfectly describes the political/economic problems we are currently in, and offers the correct solution to them, but cautions against all the roadblocks that must be overcome to make those simple corrections. What is interesting to note is that this was written 64 years ago ... by a U.S. Congressman Howard Buffett, who happened to be the father of one of today's wealthiest men, Warren Buffett. A coincidence ??? I think not. I'm sure Warren listened well to his fathers lessons in economics and money!

In any case, read the following, and get madder and more afraid than ever!!!

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Me &amp; Tank Klamath 200
Re: The ghost of futures past ( 05:18:19 TueDec 6 2011 )

Thanks for that...Everyone should read that! Interesting to look at the comparison between the predictions he makes from 1948 and where we are now in relation to that subject...


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Re: The ghost of futures past ( 20:59:13 SatDec 17 2011 )

A very interesting read by the late Hon Howard Buffet. The man served four terms as a Nebraska Republican Representative. This man is the father of the Billionaire Warren Buffet. Obviously he was a very smart man who was able to teach the truths about money to his son Warren.

The truths in this article about fiat money have all come to pass except for one, the collapse of our fiat money.


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