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Something to take heed of... ( 05:13:54 MonDec 19 2011 )

Normally, I don't read PrisonPlanet too much, but this article came up on Drudge Report and I thought I should spread it around.

Ron Paul Warns That Martial Law Is Being Implemented In America

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Re: Something to take heed of... ( 23:32:12 MonDec 19 2011 )

Normally I also don't read much of that site or similar "...the sky is fallin..." sites,but I'll be xxxxed that lately that when outside I'm afraid to look up. I've also figured out that by the time enough people get effected by the goin's on of the government, policy has already been set. I think all of us on this site can agree that changing a policy is harder than stopping it in the beginning. Maybe it's me just getting older but I swear the whole dang government, from head to foot, is just plumb broken. It sure is cold out in the mornings, one morning at a time. Is spring here yet. Hope you all have a happy holiday.

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Re: Something to take heed of... ( 20:40:12 ThuDec 22 2011 )

what the hell happened to globle warming.i was counting on i could dredge this winter.lyers all of em.its sapoasta warm up to be tropical like during the jurasic period.oh ya almost forgot.herd on the radio the other day that it seems like the jet com trails are hanging around in the sky a lot longer lately.ive been checking them out since i herd abought it.i thingk they are right.the professor talking abought itb said the gov is salting the sky with ? that drifts to the ground ,gets caught up in every thing like water,food,air we breath you name it.turns out that it some thing to make us more dossel so the goverment can impliment things like marshal law taxes and just abought anything they if the public is druged up there plans will be much easyer to impliment. BEWARE.i personally never second guessed the gov,but know i dont trust a single thing they say or do anymore.


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