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Me &amp; Tank Klamath 200
Mercury Program ( 06:59:52 SatDec 31 2011 )

Anyone else receive one of these notices?
I find it SOOO ironic that they took away the very best way to mitigate mercury deposits from us dredgers and now they want our input on how to do that very thing without using the best equipment for the job!
I just went to the web page & subscribed to get updates...

Tue, December 13, 2011 8:48:55 AM
Statewide Mercury Program - Sign Up to Receive Updates! [swrcb]
"" <>
To: Suction Dredge Mining <>
State Water Resources Control Board This is a message from the State Water Resources Control Board.
Interested Stakeholders:

The State Water Resources Control Board is developing a Statewide Mercury Program to reduce mercury in California’s waters. It is expected that the following two elements will be part of the program:

- New water quality objectives for mercury in the tissues of fish that humans and wildlife eat.

- A policy or plan to reduce mercury in our state’s reservoirs to attain the new water quality objectives and protect both humans and wildlife that eat reservoir fish. The policy or plan may include provisions for responsible parties to initiate actions to help address mercury reservoir problems.

To receive email announcements about the Statewide Mercury Program and future opportunities to comment, please visit the homepage at; and, then follow the directions on the web page to subscribe to:

"Mercury - Objectives Policy" and/or
"Mercury - Statewide Control Program for Reservoirs"

Water Board staff will hold a series of public meetings to discuss these projects and take public comment, beginning in early 2012. If you subscribe to one of these lists, we’ll send you the meeting information and notice of project documents when we post them.

Who might be interested in the Statewide Mercury Program?
- Reservoir owners and operators
- Fisheries managers
- Public and private owners of mercury or gold mine sites or other mercury-contaminated sites
- Wastewater treatment plant owners and operators
- Storm water management agencies
- Consumers of local fish including Native American, subsistence, and recreational anglers
- Environmental justice organizations
- Environmental advocates

Please contact Carrie Austin,, for additional information
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Re: Mercury Program ( 18:06:37 SatDec 31 2011 )

Inspector Tom: Doesn't it amaze you that the "Water Board"
is asking for help from the same folks that just had their throats cut by their own environmentalist buddies. We have all been dealing with the mercury since forever. We just take it in stride, and they panic to the max.

In 1996, a friend of mine pulled 12 pounds of mercury in one tank of gas. Boy was he suprised when he looked into his triple sluice boxes. Did get 1/2 ounce on the cleanup though.

It amazes me that these environmental idiots never think to include us knowledgable folks in the research they do to dream up solutions.

Thanks for posting this issue. I will be interested to see the progress. BEAMMAKER

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Re: Mercury Program ( 17:42:23 SunJan 1 2012 )

I recall that the Sierra Fund was/is obtaining grant money to modify gold dredges to make this tricky PR campaign appear to be "their idea".

Of course when CDFG, the CA Water Board and wealthy greenies are in bed together, bad things will happen relating to us little people.

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Me &amp; Tank Klamath 200
Re: Mercury Program ( 00:13:49 MonJan 2 2012 )

Yup Beammaker, that's why I posted this.

Rod you are right, We cannot let them hi-jack this ...I would hope that some of our group who is smarter than me would pick up on this & make sure we go about this the right way.

3000 +/- TRUE environmentalists are ready and waiting to mitigate the mercury problem!:confused:

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Re: Mercury Program ( 00:19:57 MonJan 2 2012 )

NOTHING SURPRISES ME ANYMORE when it comes from the greenes or the ever they are to the point that they are becoming perdictable.need to use this against them in someway.


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