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Double Screen Classification ( 22:24:05 MonJan 2 2012 )

Happy New Year
I have a few questions about the fine gold modification (Double Screen Classification) Dave made. What wire gauge was used in the 1/8 and 3/8 screen? Have no used wire screen in the Phoenix area. I will be buying new.
I have 5 Keene floats. I need to go bigger. The pictures on the web site the floats are green in color. Where can I purchase this kind of floats? I would like to stand on or climb on to the dredge.
How high should the sides of the sluice be? I was planning to make an 8 long sluice for my 5 dredge.
Roy Arnold
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Re: Double Screen Classification ( 23:13:24 MonJan 2 2012 )

I am not sure what gauge Dave used for his system, however I purchased mine from Major Wire Screen Media Ltd. This company is throughout the United States. I found an outlet in the Phonenix area while searching for dealers in your area.
Cutting Edge Supply Co.
Phoenix, AZ
Jim Siler (contact person)
The wire I purchase from the Puyallup,WA Dealer was:
Item: SQOT-0.125-072-M00066 (1/8th) 0.125 wire thickness)
Item: SQOT-0.312-135-M00042 (3/8th) 0.312 wire thickness)
My system is somewhat different from Dave's. Regarding the floats: the floats Dave was using are ProMack. I used 6 of them last year and found that they were inadequate for my purposes. If you do not wish to get on top of your dredge while it is running then they are adequate, however if you wish to have a ladder to board your dredge while it is running these floats are not large enough to support a diver especially with weights on. It really depends on your needs and dredging plan. If I am in deep water, then I like to be able to board my dredge. I just purchased some new pontoons which I believe will be adequate for my purposes. I discussed how effective and how satisfied a fellow dredger who used these new pontoons last dredging season on the Rogue River in Oregon. He indicated he was very satisfied with there performance and duriability. He had a double classification system similiar to Dave's. I purchase 6 of these pontoons from: D&K Prospecting Supplies
13809 SE Division Street Portland, Oregon 97236 503-761-1521 Or 503-761-6898 Website: If you purchase them from them, be sure to also purchase the pontoon caps, two for each pontoon. Hope this helps. Have a great New Year. JAB

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Re: Double Screen Classification ( 11:23:33 TueJan 3 2012 )

Sounds like JAB has it just right!

This discussion is about this article, by the way.

I buy my screen material at a scrap metal yard in Medford, Oregon; so I don't have a record of the exact thickness of the screen. But here are a few pointers:

1) I like the lower screen to be strong enough to span the width of my sluice without sagging. The top screen needs to be strong enough to walk on. Because if you are going to get up on your dredge, you will be stepping in the sluice for sure.

2) I experimented early on with finer screen on the lower level, and found that getting much smaller than 1/8-inch openings had blinding problems -- meaning that the holes in the screen packed up with sand particles.

I sold our 5-inch float mold to D & K in Portland several years ago. While they have made the float a bit deeper, everyone I have seen use them seems to be pleased.


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