Brown eyeball!
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00:56:14 Mon
Mar 21 2005
Brown eyeball!
Something funny occurred on Saturday. You need a bit of a sense of humour for this one.

Rosie would never ever do anything outside, should she be crossing her legs, she would save it until she is home. Baby Katie however is not so fussy. After years of non carrying of poo bags, my pockets are now full of them again.

After depositing her parcel on the pavement on Saturday, I undid my bag and bent down, only to back up startled as there staring straight at me was a brown eyeball. It didnt have startle me. I vague recall about a week ago thinking that Katie had maybe swallowed an eye out of one of her toys but forgot about it. Now, there was the eye staring up at me.

Well sometimes you do get amusing moments when out walking!!!!!


08:06:08 Mon
Mar 21 2005
Re: Brown eyeball!

I have had (well I hasten to add, Sasha has) choc wrappers, candles, apple core, apple pips and labels, but I have yet to be eyeballed!!

Hilarious - what a good start to my day, thank you Helen!!

Karen :wave:

08:46:57 Mon
Mar 21 2005
Re: Brown eyeball!
we had multi coloured poos when Blue ate a packet of crayons. The wax ones.

Never been eye balled though

15:00:42 Mon
Mar 21 2005
Re: Brown eyeball!
:jump: bet that was a weird experience :smile:

20:06:02 Mon
Mar 21 2005
Re: Brown eyeball!
:lol: lmao :lol:
thats great
Homer drank a tin of blue paint when he was a pup i was so worried didnt effect him in anyway
just BLUE POO !! all over the garden

09:40:24 Thu
Mar 24 2005
Re: Brown eyeball!
Now I have stopped laughing I may be able to reply - did you burst out laughing or did you manage to contain yourself?

Molly eats small stones and her No2's generally contain stones - Tash chews and destroys anything plastic and generally passes little bits of coloured plastic.

What are boxers like - mad.


Guest [Unregistered]
00:21:09 Sat
Mar 26 2005
Re: Brown eyeball!

I laughed about it afterwards! At the time I was taken aback at seeing it. Yes, I have noticed litte bits of plastic appearing now and then. You couldnt watch them. !!

Brown eyeball!
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