Best of Chums
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01:08:08 Tue
Mar 7 2006
Best of Chums
Recently I have noticed that although the interaction has always been on Rosie's terms they do seem to be getting even closer. They will go up and "touch" lips with each other even when outside for a walk, it used to be just Katie who kept doing it to Rosie who would [metaphorically] roll her eyes as if to say "give me a break" but now they do it spontaneously to each other.

Tonight Katie took Rosie's ball from her literally, she goes over to Rosie and ever so gently but cheekily takes the ball from Rosie's mouth and Rosie lets her. Katie is a tease and when you go to take the ball, she whips it away. That's a game and then she will "give" when asked 96% of the time. Anyway I got the ball and gave it back to Rosie and gave Katie another one. Of course like a kid that was not acceptable. Rosie who was lying down had the ball between her legs near her chest. Katie goes over; sniffs noses with Rosie and gently takes the ball. Rosie looks at me as if to say "I really don't mind, let the kid have it".

Arenít our Boxers just soooo expressive!


07:52:46 Wed
Mar 8 2006
Re: Best of Chums
They certainly seem to understand each other's needs and moods!

Bless them

22:47:10 Sat
Mar 11 2006
Re: Best of Chums
My 3 are very loving towards each other, they play, cuddle & kiss each other, boxer are great

Best of Chums
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