Sasha's 8th Birthday
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16:03:55 Fri
Sep 23 2011
Sasha's 8th Birthday
Sasha celebrated her 8th Birthday today and we have tired to make sure it is a special one :love:

She went out for a little walk, then had steak for lunch, followed by squirty cream (thanks to Caroline's tradition!) Don't worry, Tizzy got cream and steak too - she wont have a repeat of it on her birthday on the 29th though! Her waistline can't cope with it!

Happy Birthday girl

Sisters together

No Dad, you can't have the stick

My special girl

Me and my Girls

Get off Mum, you are strangling me!

Steak for lunch

Not too sure what this is Mum?

Ooh it's edible

Bring it on!

She shared with Tizzy too

I think we have gotten used to just how much Sasha has lost weight, because we are living with it every day. Today I was looking for a good, healthy, birthday photo and realised the change. I think these two photos show it well - 32kgs to 26kgs! But, that being said, she is still happy and enjoying herself, so that's the important thing :love:

:birthday2: to my special, fighting, girl :love::love:

19:18:08 Fri
Sep 23 2011
Re: Sasha's 8th Birthday
:birthday2: Sasha :love:

Fab photos Karen, Sasha (and Tizzy!) looks like she's really enjoyed her birthday and all her treats :love:

23:55:49 Fri
Sep 23 2011
Re: Sasha's 8th Birthday
Great photos, looks like a great day.

09:19:01 Sun
Sep 25 2011
Re: Sasha's 8th Birthday
Lovely photos - Looks like you all had a great day:wink:

Sasha looks very happy and certainly seemed to be enjoying all her treats.

Love the picture of you with Sasha and her stick:love:

We just HAVE to have squirty cream on their birthdays, don't really know what started it off, but we have done it for as long as i can remember, even back with Tia & Kirei:biggrin:

21:14:25 Wed
Sep 28 2011
Re: Sasha's 8th Birthday
Wonderful pics!So glad she had a great birthday!She looks sooo happy!Happy Birthday Sasha!

23:31:41 Tue
Oct 25 2011
Re: Sasha's 8th Birthday
happy belated bday!!! shes such a pretty girl!!!! love the strangling pic. lol boxers give the absolute BEST hugs. lilly LOVES whipped cream! never heard it called squirty cream b4! lol if we have it, it doesnt last long in our house because the kids love it too....but when we have it if lilly is sleeping in another room, n someone just squirts it to make hte noise she comes runnin full barrell!!!!

19:48:31 Sun
Nov 27 2011
Re: Sasha's 8th Birthday
Not been on here for ages and missed Sasha's birthday so happy belated birthday wishes to a gorgeous girl :birthday2:

Sasha's 8th Birthday
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