Deaf boxers
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20:22:18 Thu
Aug 23 2007
Deaf boxers
If you have a deaf boxer and would like any help and advice, please feel free to ask as many questions as you like on this forum.

The above page on our website may be useful to you, it was provided by Gingerboy on here who has his own white, deaf boxer.

Alternatively, you can call Sheila Dawson on 01772 690458. Sheila is fantastic and will spend as long as you like talking to you and helping you out.

Good luck :luck:

20:11:30 Thu
Oct 18 2007
Re: Deaf boxers

Just to add that I am more than happy to help anyone that requires assistance with their deaf boxer. I'm not a professional trainer but by the same token have invested a lot of time and energy to ensure I use techniques which I am comfortable with and that are humane so far as my dogs are concerned.

If you do require advice, pointers or just want a chat feel free to post a thread, PM me or give me a call - if you send me a PM I will send you my telephone number.

Unfortunately I do not get on the forums as often as I would like so please do not feel that I am ignorng you if I do not respond straight away.


Paul - aka "Gingerboy"

21:09:56 Wed
Apr 30 2008
Re: Deaf boxers
I am adopting a 9 year old Deaf Boxer and would love any advice u can give. I live in the United States Cleveland, Ohio so I'm not sure how to call but I was wondering if u would be able to give me any advice and such? My e-mail is Thanks and Your Boxers Are Beautiful!!!!!!

16:22:52 Fri
Aug 15 2008
Re: Deaf boxers
I had a deaf white boy and found his training fine as long as you use lots of hand signals.

21:21:40 Sat
Jun 27 2009
Re: Deaf boxers
how can you tell if your boxer is deaf??? we got a white one on mothers day, and sometimes she acts "normal" and reacts to scratching on the furniture so there are no vibrations or when its dinner time, other times i wonder. ive always heard boxers to be smart...but not mine! lol

10:53:52 Wed
Jul 1 2009
Re: Deaf boxers
If you are concerned, you can always get the vet to do a hearing test. Boxers are very known for selective deafness!

Best thing is just to wait until she isn't looking at you and make a huge noise behind her, like a rattle bottle etc.

That should let you know!

Deaf boxers
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