newbie here
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21:12:23 Sun
Jul 27 2008
newbie here
hello m name is claire and i am owned by a 7 yr old soon to be 8 on the 5th of september. white boxer called jack.

He only has a bit of black on his ear. Hes the best dog in the world.

He is reallly well trained but onl has one problem, he doesnt like other dogs. He is fear aggressive i think as he was bit by another dog when he was a puppy and now goes for dogs.

We also have another dog that belongs to my mum and hes a deerhoundx called dougal.

Jack is very protective of dougal as well. Dougal is nine years old.

23:08:29 Wed
Jul 30 2008
Re: newbie here
Hi there and welcome
Your boys sound lovely. Will look forward to photos and chatting with you. We have 3 Boxers, two white and one red/white.

19:07:24 Thu
Jul 31 2008
Re: newbie here

Hope you enjoy the forum

I have Sasha and Tizzy. Sasha is getting better with dogs and was actually on a walk with 10 other boxers the other week - I was amazed!!

Fear agression is a hard one to deal with.

Look foward to hearing more about Jack and Dougal :love:

20:19:27 Fri
Aug 1 2008
Re: newbie here
Hi Clair and family, welcome to the site. :wave:

newbie here
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