resuced and ill
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02:26:24 Tue
Dec 23 2008
resuced and ill
hi all,
three weeks again i got the family dog back after we had to get rid of guiness and kat, 2 brother, got rid of them due to being in a small house with an very old lady, mum didnt realise how much life in them they had, which they didnt mind but cos of old lady they got rid of guiness and kat, one thing was good tho we got them chipped, good job we did, got a call from mum while at work saying we're getting guiness back and not kat, who ever had guinness for the last 3 year didnt love him, cos he was leaft in an empty house tied up no water no food, its taking time for him to get better but hes getting there thank god. got him back to mine house and he was very withdrawn but with time spent with him he's relaised he can come out of hes shell, slow he was doing this while he was seriously ill (cant spell well) with knennel cough, hes been very baddly with it, he didnt want to do anything, walk eat drink, for a couple of days then he was replacing food for water, then went back to normal with eatting and drinking, when he came to mine he was half a kg under weight, this bit what annoys me, he lost anthor 2 kgs since been at mine, so of cousrethis worrying me so ive been feeding him like you would a pup to put weight on him, now after 2 and half weeks hes putting the weight on which is a releif for me. the main thing whats doing my head in is he has diareer nearly every time he goes which aint nice for him and me as for wallk and he does it god does it stinck just wondering if any body nows how to get rid of it? also what best food for boxers dry food or meat? cos he loves meat and doesnt touch dry food. the picture is when he first come to mine.

11:09:38 Tue
Dec 23 2008
Re: resuced and ill
Wow what a story. Did you rehome your dogs through a rescue or just by yourself?

At least you have Guiness back and now you can help him get better. If he hasn't been eating and drinking properly for a long period of time, he will be very sensitive to any kind of food right now and will possibly have stomach problems.

I would probably recommend giving him plain cooked chicken and rice etc for a period of time and then slowly introduce a good quality food that doesn't have a lot of additives in it. I don't know which country you are in, but in UK I would recommend Burns, JWB, Nature's Best and Dr Johns? Are you giving him tinned food?? That might be too rich for him right now.

Have you had him to the vet since you got him back - might be worth just getting him checked over to make sure everything is ok, especially after what he has gone through.

Good luck and let's hope he is back, fully fit, soon.

12:17:00 Wed
Dec 24 2008
Re: resuced and ill
Hi and Welcome!

That is such a touching story. I hope everything gets better and the best of wishes to you and yours for 2009.


19:01:28 Fri
Dec 26 2008
Re: resuced and ill
LIke Karen says I would get the vet to check him over too. What about Kat, is he/she ok?

21:59:32 Mon
Dec 29 2008
Re: resuced and ill
we give our taz soperdog sensitive which is good for digestion. Another tip for the rear end problem it give him some bio yoghurt as the live bacteria could settle an upset stomach


resuced and ill
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