Helllooo & help x
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20:18:01 Sat
Jul 2 2011
Helllooo & help x
Hi everyone,

I'm hoping for some help and information :smile: a quick introduction, my name is Debs, I live with my husband and 2 boys (they are 3 & 8). Anyway a neighbours of ours has had boxers forever, they are lovers of the breed and last week they had a litter, and I have fallen in love with the beautiful white bitch, as I said she is a week old, and they have asked if my boys want to go over and help when they are a few weeks old, play with them etc. So my question is, as a mother of 2 boistrous boys, and a part time worker would a boxer fit into our family? I know the boys would love a puppy but i want any advise in how to teach the dog and the children to respect each other, I have heard boxers are great with children but I also don't want to commit to something that I know very little about without doing all the research I can so that I make it a special experience for all of us and not a rushed decision that could be heartbreaking for us all xx

01:59:19 Sun
Jul 3 2011
Re: Helllooo & help x
Hi,I'm sandyc.I think you are a VERY smart person to research BEFORE!
That being said,I cannot really be helpful in this situation,as I do not have any human kids.I'm sure someone with children on here,will be able to advise you.
Welcome,and I hope someone with kids and boxers will get with you soon.

12:22:14 Fri
Jul 8 2011
Re: Helllooo & help x
Hi & welcome

Boxers & children gel, having said that how many hours will pup be left?
Boxers are very very into their family, if they coukd get under your skin to be close to you, they would :smile:

However they can be boisterous as they grow & could easily knock a small child over so early training & socialisation is a must. Your vet probably has puppy socialisation classes, bit like pre school. All puppies "nip" so take tgat into account as small children dont understand why puppy is 'biting', they nip especially while teething & a puppy makes no distinction between a finger & a toy, like babies & toddlers they dont know :smile:

Puppies need house trained as well - unlike kittens who use their litter almost immediately puppies can take a good bit lOnger

Boxers are also late develoPers - they are 3-4 years old before mature

However if you are prepared to put in the work you will have a fantastic playmate fir your children, a friend like no other & a loyal trusty friend

One word tho, if the puppy is pure white ask the breeder to make sure its hearing before you buy. Deaf puppies are very trainable but need more work & dedication. We have two Whites with perfect hearing however there is sime White dogs may have hearing difficulties & worth checking out. :smile:

Helllooo & help x
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