back to reality
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12:22:05 Sat
Aug 18 2007
back to reality
Hi everyone thought I would log on and see what has been happening - big debate about tail docking I see. Very interesting to read all the varying views but I think thats one that poeple will never agree on!!

Wedding Day was fantastic and went without a hitch. Honeymoon was out of this world.

Bali is the most gorgeous place we have ever been to and the people are so genuinely friendly it makes you stop and think.

Villa was huge as was our pool but was a bit disgruntled at sharing it with so many of the locals: spiders, gheko's mozzies etc. We actually gave them all names as they were always there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Singapore was also great. Hotel ideally located (thanks Paul). 10 mins walk to the longest road filled completly with shopping malls - every girls dream (poor Mike just had to follow, the jous of married life Ha Ha)

Will post lots of pics when I have them loaded onto laptop
:worried: :sad: :crying:
Unfortunately Chaos had managed to blot his copy book at my sisters and completely misbehaved when we were away and now she's not sure if she'll have him again. Was both angry and upset as you can imagine but she is always offered the cage and won't have it because "he always behaves and doesn't need it" well this time he did. Hoping that I will be able to win her round as I really don't want to put him in the kennels, however may not have any option. Liz assures me the one near us is very good, but Chaos has had bad experiences in kennels prior to me getting him and as he's a worrier at the best of times I'd hate it to have an adverse effect on him. Fingers crossed though it won't come to it.


13:27:42 Sat
Aug 18 2007
Re: back to reality

:welcome:Welcome back:welcome:

Sounds like you had a great time Amanda.

Can't wait to see the pictures of your wedding and honeymoon.

I am sure by the time your next holiday comes around your sister will have forgotten quite how 'naughty' he was. Who could really resist an adorable bouncy boxer:love:

I have noticed when i have been abroad how friendly the local people are - In this country people just don't seem to have time for anyone else. It's such a shame:ohwell:

When in corfu last year we gave names to some of the mosquito's - after we had swatted them:headbangers:

Pictures soon please:jump:

13:50:34 Sat
Aug 18 2007
Re: back to reality
:welcome:Back Mrs..... Glad everything went well with the Wedding and Honeymoon. As Caroline said your sister is bound to forget.By the time you catch up on here you will have celebrated your 1st anniversary.

Dont forget those gorgeous Pics.:love:

01:40:18 Sun
Aug 19 2007
Re: back to reality
WElcome back! Look forward to pics


10:22:01 Sun
Aug 19 2007
Re: back to reality
Welcome back, good to hear you had a good time.

13:40:44 Sun
Aug 19 2007
Re: back to reality
Welcome back Amanda, glad you had a good time. Liz told us the wedding went well, although she hasn't posted any photos yet :nonono:

Can't wait to see some photos!!!

I am sure Chaos will be able to win your sister round with his cute face eventually :love:

Nice to see you back :flowerkiss:

15:01:18 Sun
Aug 19 2007
Re: back to reality
welcome back - glad to hear everything went well :cheering:

11:17:25 Tue
Aug 21 2007
Re: back to reality
Glad it all went so well Amanda............ really relieved the part we organsied did, theirs always added pressure when it's a honeymoon. I can breathe a sigh of relief now I know everything was as you expected.

The shopping Malls sound great............. lead on that lady, bet their were lots of jewellers. I'd be in shopping heaven.

Now wheres your pic's at?


back to reality
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