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18:15:10 Sun
Mar 18 2007

Would you let a white boxer go to this home?

Hi everyone :hello:I have just joined. We lost our GWP last year aged 4:crying:
and now we are looking for a wonderful dog to succeed him. Do you think what we can offer would suit a white boxer? We live near the NE coast and near lots of woods, we work from home so pup wouldn't be left for long periods - we like BIG dogs and are not bothered about showing but

after nursing Alfie for 4 years we really hope to get a relatively healthy dog and I am a bit of a woos when it comes to my dog meeting other dogs. I get het up easily with the fear of dog on dog aggression - so what would be your advice.
We met lots of Boxers when out with Alfie they all seemed very playful and fun. Many thanks

19:16:46 Sun
Mar 18 2007

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Re: Would you let a white boxer go to this home?


Sorry to hear about Alfie, it's always sad to lose a beloved pet.

I think chosing to have a boxer is the same as chosing to have any new dog. Do you have the right environment etc to suit the breed.

My advice would be to read up on the breed as much as possible. Boxers aren't just big dogs, they are big kids and often this is what puts people off them. Are you willing to share your life with an animal that thinks it's human and therefore has the same rights - eg sofa time no matter what condition he/she is in!!

Boxers are over exhuberant, over bouncy and over energetic. They are also great clowns and extremely loyal causing them to be suceptible to seperation anxiety.

Some boxers get on well with the dogs, some don't - just like humans! Boxers can be prone to various health problems, including heart murmurs and cancer and this can occur at any age.

I would never try and put anyone off owning a boxer, but if you haven't researched the breed then they can be a bit of a shock - hence the reason why so many poor souls end up in rescue through no fault of their own! Owning a boxer is a lifestyle and I believe potential boxer owners need to be aware of the impact a boxer can have on their life before they go ahead!!

Good luck in your search and please feel free to ask as many questions as you like - we are all boxer lovers and would actively encourage anyone to own one, as long as it is right for the new owners!!



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19:30:31 Sun
Mar 18 2007


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Re: Would you let a white boxer go to this home?

I think it depends more on your home and your circumstances, if you work full time or have young kids etc

theres some info here that you can read before thinking otaking on a boxer (or consider taking on a rescue?)

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13:21:54 Mon
Mar 19 2007

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Re: Would you let a white boxer go to this home?

Karen makes some very valid points and Nicky has provided some great info via her link.

For me the boxer is the right breed, it has everything I could ever want as a breed in terms of physique, temprament, intelligence and most of all personality.

If you want a "dog to be a dog" i.e. stay in the kitchen when you are in the house elsewhere then the boxer may not be right for you, however if you are happy to own a dog that follows you round, cuddles up to your feet, on the sofa etc etc then the boxer is the one.

They love being with humans and most importantly their owners! Make no mistake that if you take on a boxer and it is treated with respect and given love and some creature comforts it will love you forever and you will have the loyalest of companions.

Beyond that though their is the other side to the boxer, they are a strong, medium to large breed that are very powerful and require an outlet for their energy. Once fully grown / developed a boxer will require a good off-lead walk of at least 1 hour++++, preferably one in the morning and another in the evening.

Access to a garden is a huge plus as they do like to have a mooch about, lay in the sun, help with your bedding plants and borders etc etc.

They require lots of patience and training as pups and or a rescue, they need to know what is acceptable, expected, and that you are boss - make no mistake that an un-trained boxer is a real handful! A firm but fair approach is always best, let them know the boundaries, take them to puppy training classes and progress onto agility classes etc if you have the time.

As already mentioned, boxers are extremely loyal and can be very protective of their family as I found out recently. They will be wary of strangers especially men who they may view as a threat, they can if you let them greet people with a huge boxer kiss / head butt - Molly our brindle can jump from rest to my head height and I am 6 feet 2" tall. They can easily overwhelme guests so again training is essential!

They will, like any dog pick up on your fear, tension, anxiety and you could potentially end up with a fear aggressive boxer - you would need to be confident in yourself and your ability to handle the dog in any given situation. Males tend to be far less confrontational than females - Karen owns Sasha who has had some issues with agression towards other dogs (but is getting better now) and Molly my brindle is fear aggressive, better than she was but even so can still be a handful.

In terms of looking after themselves boxers are more than capable of taking the rough with the smooth where other dogs are concerned. More often than not, when dogs are growling etc at each other it is just noise - when your boxer is not growling is when you need to start worrying. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of training and socialisation of your dog from a young age, that way you should have a well mannered and balanced dog.

I cannot answer the question for you I am afraid, but I can tell you this. I have 2 boxers and 3 children, I love my children as any parent would and I love my dogs like my children - they make me smile, laugh out loud, they love the kids to bits, they are great company,they give the best boxer cuddles in the world, they make my wife feel safe when I am working away from home, they always know when you are down in the dumps and need a boxer kiss and hug.......................................................... generally the best dog we could wish to share our home and lives with!!!! :smile:



p.s. have you considered "fostering" a boxer to see how you get on???? Could be one way of finding out if it is the right breed for you.

16:05:50 Mon
Mar 19 2007

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Re: Would you let a white boxer go to this home?

I think between Paul, Karen and Nicky they have covered everything you need to know.

If you have lots of love to give and want lots back in return then i'd definately say go for a boxer.

They will become one of the family moreso than any other breed i know.:jump:

Good luck:luck:

Caroline, Henry Monster, Bustaroo, Pepsi and the not forgotten Tia baby & Kirei xxxx


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